From the Great Valley the Housatonic River suddenly abandons the valley area to cut through the Housatonic Highlands. Then the river reaches a limestone area.  It follows the  Housatonic River Valley limestone area that is caught between the Housatonic Highlands (bordered with Taconic Mountain material on the south) on the northwest and the New England Upland on the southeast.  

Route 7 north mileages


Ice Glen                                                                                                              Stockbridge, MA


Iron industry
Taconic Plateau: (pic1 taken from Salisbury)
Mt. Frissell                                                                                                        Salisbury (Taconic Plateau)
Bear Mountain                                                                                                   Salisbury (Taconic Plateau) AT
Bingham Pond, (pic 1, 2, 3) (on the road up: waterfall, Castinook Beach, furnace)           Salisbury
Mt. Riga Blast Furnace                                                                                      Salisbury
Mt. Riga State Park                                                                                           Salisbury (Taconic Plateau)
Kelda/BHC Water Company Properties                                                            Salisbury
Lion's Head and Bald Peak  AT                                                                        Salisbury
Hamlet Hill,   AT                                                                                               Salisbury
Turnip Top                                                                                                        Salisbury
Twin Lakes                                                                                                       Salisbury
Raccoon Hill and Limestone Spring Trail AT                                                      Salisbury
Railroad Ramble                                                                                                Salisbury
Schlesinger Bird Reserve                                                                                    Salisbury
Dark Hollow Road property                                                                               Salisbury
Beeslick Pond  (limestone)                                                                                  Salisbury
State Line Swamp  (limestone)                                                                            Salisbury
Park on Falls Mountain Road, Amesville                                                             Salisbury 

Great Falls of the Housatonic                                                                              Salisbury (Housatonic River)
Iron Bridge north  AT                                                                                         Salisbury (Housatonic River)
Falls Village Canoe Access                                                                                 Salisbury (Housatonic River)

Sharon Northeast Audubon Center                                                                     Sharon
Sharon Mountain  AT                                                                                         Sharon
Mt. Easter     AT                                                                                                Sharon 
Housatonic Meadows State Park                                                                        Sharon    (Housatonic River)
Housatonic State Forest     AT                                                                            Sharon
Mohawk Trail                                                                                                     Sharon
Pine Knob Loop                                                                                                 Sharon
Emily Winthrop Miles Sanctuary                                                                          Sharon
Cane Brook                                                                                                        Sharon
Indian Brook                                                                                                       Sharon
Mudge Pond                                                                                                       Sharon
Skiff Mountain                                                                                                    Sharon
Sharon Center School                                                                                         Sharon
Sharon Town Beach                                                                                            Sharon
Veterans Field Complex                                                                                      Sharon
Cornwall Bridge Road  MT                                                                                 Sharon

Kent Falls State Park   AT (pic 1) (pic 2) (falls)                                                      Kent 
Wyantenock State Forest                                                                                    Kent
Sloane-Stanley Museum (Kent Furnace) (furnace1) (pic2)                                      Kent
Macedonia Brook State Park                                                                              Kent
Skiff Mountain                                                                                                     Kent
Currie Memorial Sanctuary                                                                                  Kent
Pond Mountain Natural Area                                                                               Kent
Housatonic Riverwalk                                                                                          Kent
River Road AT                                                                                                    Kent
St. Johns Ledges  AT                                                                                           Kent
Iron Mountain Reservation                                                                                    Kent
Caleb's Peak                                                                                                        Kent                         
Schaghticoke Mountain Indian Reservation    AT                                                   Kent    (Housatonic River)
Bull's Bridge  near the AT  (bridge) (glacial pot holes)                                               Kent    (Housatonic River)
Tenmile Hill  (Tenmile River cuts through just north of here)  AT                             Kent                         
Lake Waramaug State Park                                                                                  Kent
Emery Park  (100 acres)                                                                                       Kent
North Spectacle Pond (black spruce bog)                                                             Kent

Off Route 7: 
Housatonic River (junction of Rts. 7 & 55)                                                            
New Milford  (Housatonic River)
Emmanuel Williamson Park                                                                                    New Milford       (Housatonic River)
Housatonic Range Trail
                                                                                           New Milford    
Tory's Cave                                                                                                           New Milford
Candlewood Mountain                                                                                           New Milford   (Housatonic River)
Sega Meadows Park                                                                                             New Milford    (Housatonic River)
Andrew Gaylord Barnes Park                                                                                New Milford    (Housatonic River)
Lynn Deming Park                                                                                                 New Milford
Sunny Valley  Preserve                                                                                          New Milford/Bridgewater
Dikes Point Recreation Area                                                                                  New Milford    (Candlewood Mountain)
Helen Marx Park                                                                                                   New Milford
Addis Park                                                                                                            New Milford   (Housatonic River)
Clatter Valley Park                                                                                                 New Milford
Lover's Leap State Park                                                                                         New Milford   (Still River into Housatonic River, Lake Lillinonah)
Harrybrook Town Park                                                                                          New Milford (Still River)

Off Route 202:    
Carlson's Grove                                                                                                    New Milford    (East Aspetuck River)
Kahn-Norstrand Trail System                                                                               New Milford
Lake Willingham                                                                                                   New Milford
Baldwin Park                                                                                                        New Milford
Sullivan Farm Property                                                                                          New Milford
Conn’s Pond                                                                                                         New Milford

Carter Preserve                                                                                                       Roxbury

Eastern Part: 
Wolf Pit Mountain                                                                                                 
Bridgewater Town Park                                                                                          Bridgewater
Cedar Bridge                                                                                                          Bridgewater
Anthony & Vanda Ficalora Nature Preserve                                                            Bridgewater
Silica Mine Hill                                                                                                        Bridgewater
Sunny Valley: Cemetery parcel                                                                                Bridgewater
Rocky Hill                                                                                                              Bridgewater
Sunny Valley: Iron Ore Hill parcel                                                                           Bridgewater   
Iron Ore Hill Nature Sanctuary                                                                               Bridgewater
Schagticoke Farm  land                                                                                          Bridgewater
Bridgewater Land Trust land                                                                                   Bridgewater 
Lake Lillinonah (boat launch)                                                                                  Bridgewater   
Bridgewater Recreation Area                                                                                  Bridgewater

Hut Hill Road Property                                                                                           Bridgewater

Western Part:
Sunny Valley: Tupelo Parcel                                                                                    Bridgewater
Drumlin Hill Farm                                                                                                    Bridgewater
Wewaka Brook Farm and Natural Area                                                                  Bridgewater 

Robbin's Swamp north                                                                                          North Canaan
Housatonic State Forest north                                                                               North Canaan/Canaan
Canaan Mountain Natural Area Preserve                                                               North Canaan/Canaan
Blackberry River Walk                                                                                          North Canaan
Beckley Furnace Industrial Monument                                                                    North Canaan
Lake Wangum
                                                                                                      North Canaan
Whiting River                                                                                                         North Canaan
East Main Street Park                                                                                            North Canaan

Canaan Mountain Natural Area Preserve (Beckley furnace pic)                                 Canaan
Robbin's Swamp                                                                                                  Canaan
Robbin's Swamp south                                                                                         Canaan   (Housatonic River)
Hollenbeck Preserve (Falls Village)                                                                       Canaan   (Housatonic River)
Dean Ravine and Barrack Mountain  MT                                                              Canaan
Mohawk Trail Canaan                                                                                          Canaan
Housatonic State Forest  MT                                                                                Canaan
Great Falls area                                                                                                    Canaan
Housatonic State Forest (Seldom Seen Pond)                                                       Canaan

Housatonic State Forest    MT                                                                             Cornwall
Ballyhack                                                                                                             Cornwall
Cathedral Pines  MT                                                                                            Cornwall
Mohawk Trail Cornwall (Cornwall Bridge)     MT                                                Cornwall   (Housatonic River)
Mohawk Mountain State Park   MT (pic 1) (pic 2)                                                 Cornwall
Mohawk State Forest                                                                                           Canaan
Housatonic State Forest  (Mine Mountain)                                                            Cornwall
West Cornwall, Cornwall  AT (covered bridge)                                                       Cornwall
Koehler Preserve                                                                                                  Cornwall
Dudleytown, Wyantenock State Forest MT                                                          Cornwall/Warren
Gold's Pines Natural Area Preserve                                                                      Cornwall

Wyantenock State Forest (northwest)                                                                  Warren
Weantinoge Land Trust land                                                                                 Warren
Gritman Pond                                                                                                      Warren
Warren Woods/Fiddler's Pond Town Park                                                          Warren
Cashion property                                                                                                 Warren  
Eel Pond                                                                                                             Warren

Sunset Ponds                                                                                                      Warren
Wyantenock State Forest (southwest)                                                                  Warren

Skidmore Farm                                                                                                   Warren
Douglass Preserve                                                                                               Warren

Above All State Park                                                                                           Warren
Dorothy S. Maier Preserve                                                                                  Warren
Graham M Brush Jr. Preserve                                                                              Warren

Wyantenock State Forest (southeast)                                                                   Warren

Macricostas Preserve                                                                                             Washington
Waramaug Rock                                                                                                    Washington
Mt. Tom State Park                                                                                               Washington 
Mount Bushnell State Park                                                                                     Washington
Hidden Valley Preserve                                                                                          Washington
Steep Rock Reservation                                                                                        Washington (Shepaug River)
Shepaug Greenway                                                                                                Washington

Battle Swamp Brook Preserve                                                                               Roxbury
Emily Griffith Beardsley & Humphrey Preserves w/ Moosehorn Access                   Roxbury
Bray Preserve                                                                                                         Roxbury
Carter Preserve                                                                                                       Roxbury
Erbacher Preserve                                                                                                  Roxbury
Fulkerson Preserve                                                                                                 Roxbury
Glaves Preserve                                                                                                      Roxbury
Golden Harvest Preserve                                                                                         Roxbury  
Leander Woods Preserve                                                                                        Roxbury
Natalie Todd Lilly Preserve                                                                                     Roxbury
Gavel Family Farm Preserve                                                                                    Roxbury 
Thomas Robert Lilly and Van Deusen Preserves                                                      Roxbury
Jagiri Loomba Preserve                                                                                          Roxbury
McMahan Preserve                                                                                                Roxbury
Mine Hill Preserve                                                                                                  Roxbury
Raven Rock Preserve                                                                                             Roxbury
Hodge Park                                                                                                            Roxbury    (Shepaug River)
Orzech Family Preserve                                                                                          Roxbury     (Shepaug River)
River Road Preserve                                                                                               Roxbury     (Shepaug River)
Styron Preserve                                                                                                      Roxbury
Allen S. Hurlburt Preserve                                                                                       Roxbury
Brian E. Tierney Preserve                                                                                       Roxbury
Natalie White Preserve                                                                                           Roxbury
Widmark Preserve w/ 1-room schoolhouse                                                             Roxbury
Everett B. Hurlbut Community Park.                                                                       Roxbury
Chase Park.                                                                                                            Roxbury  
Sherman Park                                                                                                         Roxbury

Beckley Bog                                                                                                           Norfolk


Ten Mile River   AT                                                                                              Sherman      (Ten Mile River) 
Ten Mile Hill      AT                                                                                             Sherman           (Ten Mile River) 
Giddings Connector                                                                                              Sherman
Herrick Trail                                                                                                         Sherman
Iroquois Gift                                                                                                         Sherman 
The Dell                                                                                                               Sherman
Wimisink Wildlife Sanctuary                                                                                  Sherman
Giddings Preserve                                                                                                 Sherman
Mildred Strauss Reserve                                                                                       Sherman
Josephson Preserve                                                                                               Sherman
Babbling Brook Preserve                                                                                Sherman
Brookland Preserve                                                                                               Sherman
Valleybrook Wildlife Sanctuary                                                                              Sherman          (Morrissey Brook)    
Spring Lake Farm Wildlife Refuge (no trespassing)                                                 Sherman
Town Meadows                                                                                                     Sherman         (Morrissey Brook)
Schimpf Pond                                                                                                         Sherman
Shady Lane Farm                                                                                                  Sherman
Cedar Heights                                                                                                       Sherman
Upland Pastures Farm                                                                                           Sherman 
Towner Hill                                                                                                           Sherman
Gussow Glen                                                                                                         Sherman
Colonial Park                                                                                                         Sherman         
Veterans Memorial Park                                                                                         Sherman
Town Park                                                                                                             Sherman
O'Neil Purchase                                                                                                     Sherman 
Chimney Hill Brook                                                                                                Sherman
Greenwood                                                                                                            Sherman 
Botsford Yard                                                                                                        Sherman 
West Briggs Hill                                                                                                     Sherman
Ravine Point                                                                                                           Sherman 
Hubble Mountain                                                                                                    Sherman
Briggs Hill                                                                                                               Sherman 
Moe Memorial                                                                                                        Sherman        
Coburn Road                                                                                                          Sherman      
Hardscrabble                                                                                                          Sherman   
Sawmill Brook                                                                                                        Sherman
Wanzer Mountain (part of Pootatuck State Forest northeast)                                   Sherman    

Hidden Valley Nature Center                                                       New Fairfield
Morrisey Nature Center                                                               New Fairfield
Pootatuck State Forest northwest                                                 New Fairfield
Pootatuck State Forest northeast                                                  New Fairfield
Pootatuck State Forest southwest                                                 New Fairfield
Pootatuck State Forest southeast                                                  New Fairfield
Squantz Pond State Park                                                              New Fairfield
New Fairfield Land Trust: 8 Ball Pond Road                                 New Fairfield
NFLT: Hahlawah Preserve                                                           New Fairfield
NFLT: Woods Property                                                               New Fairfield
Ball Pond Boat Access                                                                 New Fairfield
NFLT: Jowdy Property                                                                 New Fairfield
NFLT: Lacy Property                                                                   New Fairfield
NFLT: Mead Property                                                                  New Fairfield
NFLT: Redecca Property                                                             New Fairfield
NFLT: Andrews Property                                                             New Fairfield
NFLT: Sweetcake Mountain Preserve                                           New Fairfield

Kenosia Lake Park                                                                       Danbury                (Mill Plain Swamp/Still River)
Beaver Street Park                                                                        Danbury                    (Still River)
Wooster Mountain State Park                                                       Danbury
Rogers Park                                                                                  Danbury
Old Quarry Nature Center                                                             Danbury
Bear Mountain Reservation                                                            Danbury                  (Lake Candlewood)
Candlewood Park                                                                         Danbury                   (Lake Candlewood)
Hatters Community Park                                                               Danbury
Westside Nature Preserve                                                             Danbury 
Terre Haute                                                                                   Danbury
Tarrywile Mansion and Park, Tarrywile State Park                         Danbury
Bogus Mountain  (map)                                                                  Danbury/Bethel

Domain Pond Park                                                                        Brookfield  (Limekiln Brook into Still River)
Canoe Landing                                                                              Brookfield        (Still River)
Whalen Pond Park                                                                        Brookfield
Brookfield Town Park                                                                   Brookfield 
Cadigan Field                                                                                Brookfield
Muirwood Conservation "subdivision" Open Space                        Brookfield
Harry Gurski Open Space                                                             Brookfield
Williams Park                                                                                Brookfield
Brookfield Nature Center                                                               Brookfield
Birch Rocks Nature Sanctuary                                                       Brookfield
Weantinoge Heritage Regional Land Trust                                      Brookfield

Lillinonah Woods Park                                                                  Brookfield
Old Bridge Sanctuary                                                                    Brookfield 
Arthur Harris Linear Park                                                              Brookfield
Still River Preserve                                                                        Brookfield        (Still River)
Kahlo Trail Park                                                                            Brookfield

Turner Hill/Ridgebury Farms Trail                                                   Ridgefield  
Sarah Bishop Open Space                                                              Ridgefield
Shadow Lake Open Space                                                              Ridgefield    
Aldrich Park                                                                                  Ridgefield
Barrack Hill Refuge                                                                        Ridgefield
Bennett's Pond (threatened by developers)                                     Ridgefield
Hemlock Hills                                                                                 Ridgefield
Lake Windwing                                                                               Ridgefield
Pine Mountain                                                                                 Ridgefield 
Blacksmith Ridge Open Space                                                        Ridgefield
Bobby's Court/Topstone Preserve                                                  Ridgefield
Boulton Refuge                                                                              Ridgefield
Brewster Farm                                                                                Ridgefield
Florida Refuge                                                                                Ridgefield
John Soluri Preserve                                                                       Ridgefield
Kiah's Brook Refuge/Titicus Preserve                                              Ridgefield
Levy Park                                                                                       Ridgefield
Limestone Wildlife Refuge                                                               Ridgefield
Lippolt                                                                                            Ridgefield
Mar-Joy Pond/Casey Lane                                                              Ridgefield
Norwalk River Environmental Study Area                                        Ridgefield
Old Spectacle Lane Open Space                                                     Ridgefield 
Spectacle Swamp/Silvermine Ridge Open Space                              Ridgefield
Peaceable Refuge                                                                            Ridgefield
Peterson Gorge/Ridgebury Slope                                                     Ridgefield
Prospect Ridge Open Space                                                            Ridgefield
Pumping Station Road                                                                      Ridgefield 
Remington Woods                                                                           Ridgefield
Richardson Park                                                                              Ridgefield
Seth Low Pierpoint State Park                                                        Ridgefield
West Mountain McManus Section                                                   Ridgefield
West Mountain Reed Section                                                           Ridgefield
West Mountain Wetland Walk                                                         Ridgefield
Woodcock Nature Center                                                               Ridgefield


Fairfield Co., CT

Railway Station Open Space  (map)                                                         Bethel
Paul J. Plishner Open Space   (map)                                                         Bethel       
Paul R. Young Open Space  (map)                                                          Bethel                                                                                            
Bogus Mountain  (map)                                                                            Bethel/Danbury
Libby Kellogg Nature Preserve                                                                Bethel
Meckauer Park  (map)                                                                            Bethel  (Limekiln Brook into Still River)  
Bennett Park                                                                                           Bethel
Walnut Hill Road  (map)                                                                          Bethel
East Swamp Wildlife Management Area   (map)                                       Bethel
P. T. Barnum's Ivy Island                                                                        Bethel
Enchanted Trail                                                                                      Bethel
R. M. T. Johnson School Open Space                                                    Bethel
Overlook Park                                                                                        Bethel
Bald Rock Tract                                                                                     Bethel
Bergstrom Property                                                                                Bethel
Margaret E. Thomas Open Space   (map)                                               Bethel
William A. Pressmar Open Space  (map)                                                Bethel
Hoyt Open Space  (map)                                                                        Bethel    
Buckboard Ridge Road Open Space  (map)                                           Bethel
Wolf Pits Nature Preserve    (map)                                                         Bethel            
Margaret Imbrogno Open Space  (map)                                                 Bethel
Vancampen and Jacobs Lanes Open Space  (map)                                 Bethel
Cross Hill Road Open Space   (map)                                                      Bethel
Collis P. Huntington State Park  (wolves statue) (bears statue) (map)          Bethel/Redding    (Wolfe Pit Brook to Putnam Park Brook)

The West Ridge:
Marchant Farm  (Westway Trail)                                                             Redding
Huckleberry Swamp (Westway Trail)                                                      Redding
Topstone Park   (Westway Trail)                                                             Redding
Windy Hill   (Westway Trail)                                                                    Redding
Mary Evelyn Scott Nature Preserve (Westway Trail)                                Redding

Saugatuck Watershed:
Limekiln Natural Area, the Marcus Gift, and Todd's Woods,                    Redding
Bogus Brook Preserve                                                                             Redding
Yovan Tract                                                                                             Redding
Gallows Hill Natural Area                                                                         Redding
Dan Beard & Reeve Biggers Trails                                                            Redding
Saugaway  (Saugaway Trail)                                                                     Redding
Saugatuck Falls Natural Area  (Saugaway Trail)                                        Redding
Stormfield  (Saugaway Trail)  -- home of Mark Twain                                Redding
The Fitzpatrick Preserve and Jean's Trail  (Saugaway Trail)                        Redding
Arthur F. Brinckerhoff Nature Preserve                                                     Redding
Ravine Trail & Tussock Bog                                                                      Redding
Reservoir Trail  (Saugautuck Reservoir 1, 2)                                                    Redding
Dayton Road to Route 53  (pic1, 2, 3)                                                          Redding
The Great Ledge  (connected to Devil's Den)                                             Redding
Lonetown Marsh Sanctuary                                                                       Redding

Little River Watershed:
Putnam Memorial State Park   (entrance) (pic2) (pic3) (cave "huts")                Redding    (Putnam Park Brook into Little River into Sagautuck River)
Plishner Preserve                                                                                         Redding
Little River North Trail                                                                                 Redding
Samuel E. Hill Little River Preserve                                                              Redding

Aspetuck Watershed:
Collis P. Huntington State Park  (wolves statue) (bears statue)                         Bethel/Redding    (Wolfe Pit Brook to Putnam Park Brook)
Ground Pine Sanctuary & The Mahony Gift                                                 Redding

James Brunot Preserve                                                                                 Newtown

Raymond B. and Elizabeth M. Fosdick Preserve                                          Newtown
Paul A. Cullens Wildlife Preserve                                                                 Newtown
Hattertown Pond Preserve                                                                           Newtown

upper Paugussett State Forest                                                                       Newtown  (Housatonic River)
Lake Lillinonah Park                                                                                     Newtown
Pond Brook Boat Launch                                                                             Newtown
Cavanaugh Pond Open Space                                                                      Newtown              
J. H. Mulliken Open Space                                                                           Newtown
Alida & Frank Knotts Memorial                                                                   Newtown
Rocky Glen State Park                                                                                 Newtown    (Still River Brook flows into Housatonic River)            
J. & H. Jay Open Space                                                                               Newtown
Treadwell Memorial Park                                                                             Newtown

C. Blackman Open Space                                                                             Newtown
Schankenberg Open Space                                                                            Newtown
Newtown Town Forest                                                                                 Newtown
Nettletown Preserve                                                                                      Newtown
Dickinson Memorial Park                                                                              Newtown
Pole Bridge Preserve                                                                                     Newtown
lower Paugussett State Park                                                                          Newtown    (Housatonic River)  
Newtown Town Park                                                                                   Newtown

William E. Wolfe Park                                                                                 Monroe        (Pequonnock River)  Housatonic Rail Trail
East Village Trailhead                                                                                  Monroe            Paugussett Trail
Stevenson Recreational Facility                                                                    Monroe           (Housatonic River)
Webb Mountain Park                                                                                  Monroe           (Housatonic River) Pomperaug and Paugussett Trails
East Village Park                                                                                         Monroe
Lake Zoar Boat Ramp                                                                                 Monroe
Pequonnock Greenway Trail                                                                        Monroe   
Lanes Mine Nature Park                                                                              Monroe            (Sammis Brook into Halfway River)
Mattegatt Memorial Park                                                                             Monroe
Chalk Hill Nature Trail                                                                                 Monroe  

Keeler Ridge Meadow                                                                               Wilton                                                           
Quarry Head and Harrison Smith Preserves                                                 Wilton 
Elizabeth Gray Preserve                                                                              Wilton
Marble/Van Hae Lewya Preserve                                                                Wilton
Richards Preserve                                                                                       Wilton
Weir Nature Preserve   (Weir Farm N.H.S. 1, 2)                                                Wilton
Wilton Town Forest                                                                                    Wilton
Belknap Preserve                                                                                        Wilton
Gregg Preserve                                                                                           Wilton
Allen's Meadows Park                                                                                Wilton
Merwin Meadows Park                                                                              Wilton
Schenck's Island Park                                                                                 Wilton
Woodcock Nature Center                                                                          Wilton
Leonard J. Bradley Park                                                                             Wilton
Cherry Lane Park                                                                                       Wilton
Horseshoe Park                                                                                          Wilton
Wild Duck Reserve                                                                                     Wilton
Norwalk River Parks & Fields                                                                     Wilton
Ambler Farm                                                                                               Wilton
Black Farm Preserve                                                                                   Wilton
Grassi Property                                                                                           Wilton                                                                                            
Spencer-Rice Preserve                                                                                Wilton

Honey Hill Preserve                                                                                      Weston
Devil's Den                                                                                                   Weston       (West Branch Saugatuck River)   
LeGallienne Bird Sanctuary                                                                           Weston
Bisceglie-Scribner Park                                                                                 Weston      (West Branch Saugatuck River)
Stonebridge Waterfowl Preserve                                                                   Weston
Audubon Robinson Preserve                                                                         Weston
Joseph Gjuresko, Jr. Wildlife Preserve                                                           Weston 
Ordway Preserve                                                                                          Weston
Tall Pines Preserve                                                                                        Weston
Taylor Woods/Thorpe Preserve                                                                    Weston
Singing  Oaks Nature Preserve                                                                      Weston       (Jennings Brook?)
Laurel Ridge Preserve                                                                                   Weston
Jennings Woods Preserve                                                                              Weston
Devil's Glen Park (pic1, 2, 3)                                                                           Weston       (Saugatuck River)
Trout Brook Valley                                                                                       Weston
Morton Preserve                                                                                          Weston
Elizabeth Luce Moore Preserve                                                                     Weston
Benjamin Wildflower Preserve                                                                       Weston
Freeborn Walk Trail                                                                                     Weston
Walter F. Wagner Preserve                                                                           Weston
Silvermine Marsh                                                                                          Weston

Jump Hill Preserve                                                                                          Easton
Trout Brook Valley Preserve                                                                           Easton       (Hawley's Brook)
Crow Hill Preserve                                                                                          Easton 
Toth Memorial Park                                                                                        Easton       (Aspetuck River)
Samuel P. Senior Memorial Park                                                                     Easton
Paine Open Space                                                                                           Easton
Island Pond Preserve                                                                                       Easton
Pond View Preserve                                                                                        Easton
Poindexter Nature Preserve                                                                             Easton
Abbey Lane Fishing Pond                                                                                Easton
Warner Anglers Preserve                                                                                 Easton
Veteran's Park                                                                                                 Easton
Helen Keller Park                                                                                            Easton
Paine Tract                                                                                                      Easton

Tashua Knolls                                                                                                 Trumbull               :
Old Mine Park                                                                                                Trumbull    (Pequannock River)
Parlor Rock Park                                                                                            Trumbull
Broadway Woods                                                                                           Trumbull
Indian Ledge Park                                                                                           Trumbull    (stream into Pequonnock River)
Pequonnock River Valley State Park                                                               Trumbull
Pequonnock Greenway Trail                                                                            Trumbull
Great Oak Park                                                                                              Trumbull

Davidow Park                                                                                                Trumbull
Anthony Aldo Park & Memorial Garden of Long Hill Garden Club                  Trumbull 
Middle Brook Park                                                                                         Trumbull
Island Brook Park                                                                                          Trumbull

Kaatz Pond Park                                                                                            Trumbull    (stream into Pequonnock River)
Park on Marathon Road                                                                                  Trumbull
Park on Putting Green Road                                                                            Trumbull
Park on Wordins Lane                                                                                    Trumbull
Booth Hill Greenbelt                                                                                        Trumbull

Robert G. Beach Memorial Park                                                                     Trumbull    (Pequannock River)
Twin Brooks Park                                                                                          Trumbull    (Pequannock River)
Unity Park                                                                                                      Trumbull    (Pequannock River)
Friar Lane                                                                                                       Trumbull
Mischee Brook Park                                                                                       Trumbull
Abraham Nichols Park                                                                                    Trumbull                              
Nothnagle Park                                                                                              Trumbull
John B. Nichols Community Center                                                                  Trumbull
Wood Crest                                                                                                    Trumbull

Randall Nature Preserve                                                                                  Trumbull
Randall Nature Preserve II                                                                              Trumbull
Kenneth S. Halaby Nature Preserve                                                                Trumbull

Nike Site Recreation Center                                                                           Shelton   

Grist Mill                                                                                                         Shelton   (Far Mill River)
Capewell Park                                                                                                Shelton      (Mischee Brook)
Property off Adams Drive                                                                                Shelton     (Far Mill River)
Sunnyside Park                                                                                               Shelton

Nicholdale Farm (Shelton Land Trust)                                                             Shelton      (Means Brook) 
Indian Well State Park                                                                                     Shelton     (Housatonic River) Paugussett Trail

Shelton Lakes Trails: Turkey Trot Trail                                                            Shelton      (Silent Waters Lake)
Shelton Lakes Trails: Stewart Woods                                                              Shelton       (Hope Lake/Shelton Reservoir)  
Shelton Lakes Trails: Pine Lake                                                                       Shelton      (Pine Lake)
Riverwiew Park                                                                                              Shelton       (Housatonic River)
Shelton City Park                                                                                            Shelton       (Housatonic River)
South Bank Park                                                                                            Shelton        (Housatonic River)

30 land parcels of Shelton Land Trust (takes awhile)                                        Shelton


Greenwich Land Trust at Riversville Road                                                         Greenwich  (Byram River tributary)
Greenwich Audubon Sanctuary                                                                         Greenwich       (East Branch of the Byram River)
Fairchild Gardens                                                                                             Greenwich        (East Branch of the Byram River)
Greenwich Land Trust Byram River North                                                         Greenwich      (Byram River)
Greenwich Land Trust Byram River Central                                                       Greenwich      (Byram River)
Greenwich Land Trust Byram River South                                                         Greenwich       (Byram River)
Pemberwick Park                                                                                              Greenwich
Hubbard-Delacorte Nature Preserve                                                                 Greenwich
Greenwich Land Trust Nature Preserve                                                              Greenwich

Babcock Preserve                                                                                             Greenwich
Park on Taconic Road                                                                                       Greenwich
Greenwich Land Trust on Hillside Drive                                                              Greenwich
Still Pond                                                                                                           Greenwich
Montgomery Pinetum                                                                                         Greenwich
Mianus River Park                                                                                              Greenwich  (Mianus River)  New Fairfield
Seton Preserve Cos Cobb                                                                                  Greenwich
Israel Putnam Cottage                                                                                        Greenwich
Old Church Road Conservation Area                                                                 Greenwich
Bruce Park                                                                                                        Greenwich
Sachem Nature Preserve                                                                                     Greenwich

Mianus River Park and Nature Preserve                                                              Greenwich  (Mianus River)  Greenwich
Mianus River Nature Park                                                                                   Greenwich  (Mianus River)
Mianus Pond/Delucca Property                                                                           Greenwich
Mianus Park                                                                                                       Greenwich
Binney Park                                                                                                        Greenwich
Edward Schongalla Nature Preserve                                                                    Greenwich
Laddins Rock Sanctuary                                                                                      Greenwich

Greenwich Land Trust Properties:
Agnew Apple Orchard
Allen Meadow
Ashforth & Fisher Wetlands & Ridges
Brown Meadow & Orchard
Greene Upland Meadow
Houlahan Conservation Reserve
Houston Glen Wildlife Sanctuary
Lapham Wildlife Refuge
Lovelace Aquatic Sanctuary
Meadow Lane Garden
Shell Island Wildlife Sanctuary
Shellenberger Sanctuary
Simmons Upland Meadow
Starr Wildflower Meadow
Stone Preserve
Thompson Sanctuary
Willowmere Salt Marshes
Wilson Orchard

Mianus River State Park -    north                                                                      Stamford
Mianus River State Park  --  middle                                                                    Stamford
Mianus River State Park  --  south  (waterfall) (pic2)                                             Stamford
Treetops                                                                                                            Greenwich/Stamford
Altschul Preserve                                                                                               Stamford
Riverbank Park                                                                                                  Stamford    (Mianus River)
Newman's Mill Park                                                                                           Stamford    (Mianus River)
Chestnut Hill Bird Sanctuary                                                                               Stamford
Chestnut Hill Park                                                                                              Stamford
Mianus River Preserve                                                                                        Stamford

Mianus River State Park                                                                                     Stamford
Fort Stamford                                                                                                     Stamford
Michael Lione Park                                                                                             Stamford:
Rosa Hartman Park                                                                                             Stamford
Park on Long Ridge Road                                                                                   Stamford     (Rippowam River)
Scalzi Park                                                                                                          Stamford    (Rippowam River)
Mill River Park                                                                                                    Stamford     (Rippowam River)
Dorothy Heroy Recreation Area                                                                          Stamford

Scofield Town Park                                                                                            Stamford    (Poorhouse into Rippowam River)
Bartlett Arboretum                                                                                              Stamford    (Poorhouse into Rippowam River)
Woodley Road Bird Sanctuary                                                                            Stamford
Stamford Museum and Nature Center                                                                 Stamford     (Poorhouse into Rippowan River)
Drotar Park                                                                                                         Stamford

Woodway Park                                                                                                   Stamford    
Sleepy Hollow Park                                                                                             Stamford
Barrett Park                                                                                                         Stamford
Park on Rippowam River                                                                                     Stamford    (Rippowam River)
Courtland Park                                                                                                    Stamford
Edward Hunt                                                                                                       Stamford
Holly Pond                                                                                                           Stamford                                                            

New Canaan Audubon Society Bird Sanctuary  --  Wahackme Road                  New Canaan
Irwin Park                                                                                                          New Canaan
Bliss Park                                                                                                           New Canaan
New Canaan Nature Center                                                                               New Canaan 
Riverside Park                                                                                                    New Canaan     (Five Mile River)
God's Acre                                                                                                         New Canaan
Mead Memorial Park and Helen & Alice Bristow Sanctuary                                New Canaan
Mill Pond                                                                                                            New Canaan
Ed Dixon Community Park                                                                                  New Canaan
Kiwanis Park                                                                                                      New Canaan
Waveny Park                                                                                                      New Canaan (stream into Noroton River)
New Canaan Audubon Society Bird Sanctuary  -- Rosebrook Road                    New Canaan
New Canaan Audubon Society Bird Sanctuary  -- Henry Kelley Uplands             New Canaan
Lee Memorial Gardens                                                                                         New Canaan

Woodland Park                                                                                                  Darien      (stream into Noroton River)
Stony Brook Park                                                                                               Darien         (Stony Brook)
Cherry Lawn Park                                                                                              Darien          (Tokeneke Brook)
Baker Park                                                                                                         Darien          (stream into the Darien River)
Tilley Pond Park                                                                                                 Darien  
Sellecks Woods  and Dunlap's Woods                                                                Darien           (Tokeneke Brook)
Nature Conservancy  -- Nearwater Lane                                                             Darien
Diller Property                                                                                                     Darien
DLT land on Stephen Mather Road                                                                      Darien
Mather Meadows                                                                                                Darien

Properties of the Darien Land Trust:
the Land Trust owns three large parcels with hiking trails open to the public:
Dunlap's Woods                                                                                                   Darien
Traendly Flood Plains                                                                                           Darien
Arthur Olson Woods                                                                                            Darien

Willie Morrer Park                                                                                             Norwalk   Award for the Worst Town for Natural Area Preservation
A. Santaniello Park                                                                                             Norwalk
Riverside Park                                                                                                    Norwalk
Oak Hills Park                                                                                                    Norwalk
Union Park                                                                                                         Norwalk 
River Edge Park                                                                                                  Norwalk
Norwalk River Valley Linear Trail                                                                        Norwalk
Norwalk State Heritage Park:                                                                              Norwalk
Fera Park                                                                                                            Norwalk
Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum                                                               Norwalk
Mathews Park                                                                                                     Norwalk
Oyster Shell Park                                                                                                Norwalk
Magrath Park                                                                                                      Norwalk
Flax Hill Park                                                                                                      Norwalk
John H. Ryan Park                                                                                              Norwalk
Bouton Street Park                                                                                              Norwalk
Charles Creek Park                                                                                             Norwalk
Meadow Street Park                                                                                           Norwalk    
Springwood Park                                                                                                Norwalk
Pinkney Park                                                                                                       Norwalk
Cranbury Park  (mansion)                                                                                     Norwalk 
Woods Pond Park                                                                                               Norwalk
Betts Brook Park                                                                                                 Norwalk
North Avenue Park                                                                                              Norwalk
Mill Pond Park                                                                                                    Norwalk     
Veterans Memorial Park                                                                                      Norwalk
Ludlow Park                                                                                                       Norwalk
Taylor Farm Park                                                                                                Norwalk

Hart Nature Preserve                                                                                            Norwalk

west section:
Leonard Schine Preserve (ALT)     passive recreation                                          Westport      (Saugatuck River)
Earthplace (Westport Nature Center)                                                                  Westport  (Saugatuck River)
White Barn Theater                                                                                            Westport
Eloise A. Ray Park                                                                                             Westport      (Saugatuck River)
Park on Riverside Avenue                                                                                   Westport      (Saugatuck River)
Riverside Park                                                                                                    Westport       (Saugatuck River)
ENO Marsh Preserve (ALT)          passive recreation                                         Westport

northeast section:
Poses Property                                                                                                    Westport
William "Doc" Skerlick  Saugatuck River Trout Mgt Area                                    Westport      (Saugatuck River)
Guard Hill Preserve (ALT)             passive recreation                                          Westport       (near Saugatuck River)        
Canal Green                                                                                                        Westport     (Willow Brook into Saugatuck River)
Wakeman Park                                                                                                   Westport
Winslow Park                                                                                                     Westport
Baron's South Property                                                                                        Westport
Grace Salmon Memorial Park                                                                              Westport    (Saugatuck River)

southeast section:
Hilla Von Rebay Arboretum                 (ALT)                                                       Westport
Peter's Gate Preserve                          (ALT)                                                       Westport
Sasco Pond Preserve                          (ALT)                                                        Westport     (Sasco Creek into Long Island Sound)

Sherwood Millpond Wildlife Refuge    (ALT)                                                        Westport                        
Northwoods Nature Preserve              (ALT)                                                       Westport  
Hemlock Kettle on the Saugautuck      (ALT)                                                        Westport                 
Van Deusen Open Space                     (ALT)                                                       Westport     
Wolfson Streamside Preserve              (ALT)                                                        Westport
Signal Lake                  (ALT)                                                                               Westport                 
Wise Open Space        (ALT)                                                                               Westport
Widmer Open Space   (ALT)                                                                               Westport
Vitale gift                     (ALT)                                                                               Westport 
Bermuda salt marsh      (ALT)                                                                               Westport  
Taylortown Marsh        (ALT)                                                                               Westport  
Brophy Property           (ALT)                                                                               Westport  
Sturges Woods             (ALT)                                                                               Westport 
Canfield Island Marsh   (ALT)                                                                               Westport 

ALT = Aspetuck Land Trust

Brett Woods Conservation Area                                                                         Fairfield (Sasco Creek Watershed)
Larsen Bird Sanctuary                                                                                         Fairfield
Morehouse Farmstead Open Space Area                                                            Fairfield     (Sasco Creek Watershed)
Greenfield Farm Open Space                                                                              Fairfield     (Sasco Creek Watershed)
Cedar Meadows
Binger Woods
(Sasco Creek Watershed)
Bruce and Kathleen Czapla Open Space  (ALT)                                                  Fairfield     (Sasco Creek Watershed)
Sasco Creek - Kirik Open Space                                                                        Fairfield     (Sasco Creek Watershed)
Sasco Creek Pond                                                                                              Fairfield     (Sasco Creek Watershed)
Sasco Creek Pond II                                                                                           Fairfield     (Sasco Creek Watershed)
Mitchell B. Stock Wildlife Habitat    (ALT)                                                          Fairfield      (Sasco Creek Watershed)  
King's Highway West Open Space                                                                      Fairfield     (Sasco Creek Watershed)
Westway Road Open Space                                                                                 Fairfield     (Sasco Creek Watershed)
Southgate Lane                                                                                                     Fairfield     (Sasco Creek Watershed)
Pequot Avenue                                                                                                     Fairfield     (Sasco Creek Watershed)
Connecticut Audubon Society Center at Fairfield                                                   Fairfield     (Sasco Creek Watershed)
Greenfield Hill Green and Park                                                                              Fairfield 
Swamp Fight State Monument                                                                              Fairfield

Mill Hollow Park                                                                                                 Fairfield     (Mill River Watershed)
Hoyden's Hill Open Space                                                                                   Fairfield     (Mill River Watershed)
Centennial Watershed State Forest                                                                       Fairfield     (Mill River Watershed)
Barbieri Open Space                                                                                            Fairfield     (Mill River Watershed)
Morehouse Drive Open Space                                                                             Fairfield     (Mill River Watershed)
Grace Richardson Conservation Area                                                                  Fairfield       (Mill River Watershed)
Cricker Brook Property                                                                                       Fairfield      (Mill River Watershed)
Dawe Property                                                                                                    Fairfield      (Mill River Watershed)
Lake Mohegan Open Space                                                                                Fairfield      (Mill River Watershed)
Bulkley Property                                                                                                  Fairfield      (Mill River Watershed)
Black Rock Turnpike Property                                                                             Fairfield      (Mill River Watershed)
Samp Mortar Rock Historic Area                                                                         Fairfield      (Mill River Watershed)
Mountain Laurel Open Space                                                                               Fairfield      (Mill River Watershed)
Trillium Road Open Space                                                                                    Fairfield      (Mill River Watershed)
Philbin Open Space                                                                                              Fairfield      (Mill River Watershed)
Springer Glen Open Space                                                                                   Fairfield      (Mill River Watershed)
Riverside Park                                                                                                      Fairfield      (Mill River Watershed)
Drake Lane                                                                                                          Fairfield      (Mill River Watershed)
Millspaugh Drive                                                                                                   Fairfield      (Mill River Watershed)
Dudley Drive                                                                                                        Fairfield      (Mill River Watershed)
Flower House Drive                                                                                             Fairfield      (Mill River Watershed)
Riverfield                                                                                                              Fairfield      (Mill River Watershed)
Perry's Mill Ponds                                                                                                Fairfield      (Mill River Watershed)
Harkins Open Space                                                                                             Fairfield      (Mill River Watershed)

Salt Meadow Park:
Old Field North Marsh                                                                                          Fairfield     (Pine Creek Marsh Watershed)
Old Field South                                                                                                     Fairfield      (Pine Creek Marsh Watershed)
Stock Property                                                                                                      Fairfield      (Pine Creek Marsh Watershed)
Arthur H. Bilyard Open Space Area                                                                      Fairfield      (Pine Creek Marsh Watershed)
Downs Property                                                                                                    Fairfield      (Pine Creek Marsh Watershed)
Pine Creek Marsh                                                                                                 Fairfield      (Pine Creek Marsh Watershed)
One Rod Highway Marsh                                                                                      Fairfield      (Pine Creek Marsh Watershed)
Reef Road Marsh                                                                                                  Fairfield      (Pine Creek Marsh  Watershed)
Old Dam Marsh                                                                                                    Fairfield      (Pine Creek Marsh  Watershed)
Wakeman Island                                                                                                    Fairfield     (Pine Creek Marsh Watershed)

Nutmeg Lane Open Space Area                                                                            Fairfield      (Ash Creek Watershed)
Woodside Circle                                                                                                    Fairfield      (Ash Creek Watershed)
Gypsy Springs                                                                                                        Fairfield      (Ash Creek Watershed)
Sanfilippo Property                                                                                                 Fairfield      (Ash Creek Watershed)
Mary Katona Memorial                                                                                          Fairfield      (Ash Creek Watershed)
Ash Creek/Riverside Drive Open Space                                                                  Fairfield      (Ash Creek Watershed)
Ash Creek/Penfield Mills Open Space                                                                     Fairfield      (Ash Creek Watershed)
Woods Wetland Conservation Area                                                                        Fairfield      (Ash Creek Watershed)
Cambridge Street Wetland Conservation Area                                                         Fairfield      (Ash Creek Watershed)

Sturges Park                                                                                                         Fairfield 
Dover Park                                                                                                           Fairfield
Fairchild Wheeler Park                                                                                          Fairfield
Lt. Owen Fish Memorial Park                                                                                Fairfield 
Drew Park                                                                                                             Fairfield
Tunix Hill Park                                                                                                       Fairfield
Gould Manor Park                                                                                                 Fairfield
Veteran's Park                                                                                                       Fairfield
Hoyden’s Hill Open Space                                                                                    Fairfield
Ash Creek Open Space                                                                                         Fairfield
Harwood Preserve (ALT)                                                                                      Fairfield
Sasqua Wild Flower Preserve   (ALT)                                                                    Fairfield
Ernest Hillman and Lobdell Calf Pasture Preserves  (ALT)                                      Fairfield
Kirik Upland Preserve   (ALT)                                                                                Fairfield
John W. Field Wildlife Sanctuary
Butkus Pond Preserve   (ALT)                                                                                Fairfield

ALT = Aspetuck Land Trust

Veteran's Memorial Park   (formerly Ninety Acres Park)                                    Bridgeport
Puglio Park                                                                                                        Bridgeport
Elton Rogers Park                                                                                              Bridgeport
Clinton Park                                                                                                       Bridgeport
Longfellow Park                                                                                                 Bridgeport
Svirha Park                                                                                                        Bridgeport
Beechwood Park                                                                                               Bridgeport
Beardsley Park                                                                                                  Bridgeport    (Pequannock River)
Glenwood Park                                                                                                  Bridgeport                                                                                               
Washington Park                                                                                                Bridgeport
Upchurch Park                                                                                                   Bridgeport
Success Park                                                                                                     Bridgeport

Ash Creek salt marsh

Roosevelt Forest Park                                                                                      Stratford    (Black, Cemetery Pond, and Pumpkin Ground Brooks)
Veterans Park                                                                                                  Stratford
Spring Pond Park                                                                                             Stratford
Wooster Park                                                                                                   Stratford     (Bruce Brook)
Clover Park                                                                                                     Stratford      (Bruce Brook)
Far Mill River Park                                                                                           Stratford      (Far Mill River)
Boothe Memorial Park                                                                                     Stratford      (overlooks Housatonic River)
Peck's Mill Pond Park                                                                                      Stratford      (Pumpkin Ground Brook and Housatonic River)
Popes Island Wildlife Area                                                                                Stratford     (Housatonic River)
Long Brook Park                                                                                              Stratford     (Ferry Creek)
Academy Hill Park                                                                                            Stratford
Birdseye Street Boat Launch                                                                             Stratford   (Housatonic River)
Housatonic Bike Path                                                                                        Stratford   (Housatonic River)


Fairfield Co., CT
Byram Park                                                                                                  Greenwich
Grass Island                                                                                                  Greenwich
Roger Sherman Baldwin Park                                                                        Greenwich
Greenwich Point Park                                                                                   Greenwich
Shell Island                                                                                                    Greenwich 
Tod's Point                                                                                                    Greenwich
Round Island                                                                                                 Greenwich
Little Captain's Island (popularly known as Island Beach)                               Greenwich
Great Captain's Island                                                                                    Greenwich

Southfield Park & Ballfield                                                                             Stamford 
Kosciuszco Park   -- formerly Dyke Park                                                       Stamford
Czescik Park                                                                                                 Stamford
West Beach Park                                                                                           Stamford
Cummings Park                                                                                              Stamford
Cove Island Park                                                                                           Stamford
SoundWaters                                                                                                 Stamford

Weed Beach Park                                                                                         Darien
Pear Tree Point Beach                                                                                   Darien

Bayley Beach Park                                                                                          Norwalk
Harbor Beach
Marvin Beach
Calf Pasture Beach Park                                                                                  Norwalk
Shady Beach                                                                                                   Norwalk
Stewart B. McKinney National Wildlife Refuge                                                Norwalk
Sheffield Island                                                                                                Norwalk

Canal Beach                                                                                                  Westport
Longshore Club Park                                                                                     Westport
Compo Beach                                                                                                Westport
Walter D. Allen Salt Marsh (ALT)   passive recreation                                    Westport
Mill Pond                                                                                                        Westport                                                                                                    
Old Mill Beach                                                                                               Westport
Sherwood Island State Park                                                                           Westport
Burying Hill Beach                                                                                          Westport

ALT = Aspetuck Land Trust

Southport Beach                                                                                           Fairfield
Sasco  Beach                                                                                                Fairfield 
Fairfield Public Access Beach                                                                        Fairfield  
South Pine Creek Beach                                                                               Fairfield
Penfield Beach                                                                                              Fairfield
Fairfield Beach                                                                                              Fairfield
Richards Beach                                                                                             Fairfield
Jennings Beach                                                                                              Fairfield

St. Mary's By the Sea                                                                                    Bridgeport
Ellsworth Park                                                                                               Bridgeport
Fayerweather Island State Park                                                                      Bridgeport
Seaside Park                                                                                                  Bridgeport
Pleasure Beach                                                                                               Bridgeport/Stratford
Money Beach                                                                                                 Bridgeport

Pleasure Beach                                                                                               Stratford  
Long Beach                                                                                                    Stratford                                                                                              
Short Beach Park                                                                                           Stratford (south of Housatonic River  outlet) 


AT  = Appalachian Trail

MT = Mohawk Trail