Tod's Point
Greenwich, Fairfield County, Connecticut
147 acres


The Point is named for J. Kennedy Tod who had his mansion on the island.

1887  --  the Tod mansion was build and was known as Innis Arden.

After his death, Tod's wife left the estate to the New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

after World War II  -- the Tod mansion was renovated into smaller apartments for returning servicemen.

after World War II  -- the town bought the property. 

1962  -- the Tod mansion torn down.  Beautiful gardens now reside in its place.


A Queen Anne style building houses a seaside museum for children (sponsored by the Bruce Museum).

(Source: William J. Clark.  2002. Images of America: Greenwich. Charleston, SC: Arcadia Press.)


10/22/2005.  Either I do not know where this place is or it is inaccessible.  I thought we could drive down to Tod Point using Indian Head Road.  But when you get to a certain point, the three roads available are all "private".  I'll tell you one thing for sure.  Traveling around in Connecticut has made me more aware of the differences between the social classes in the U. S. with Greenwich, among many other rich Connecticut towns, having a myriad of "private" roads, enclaves, etc.  and especially private beaches.  I asked my wife if she ever remembered Florida (where we grew up) being like this and we were at a loss to think of a place (although they must be somewhere).  And it seems that President Bush II has given all the wealthy a free Mercedex-Benz or BMW so they can all drive them around on our over crowded highways advertising their wealth (or selfishness?). 


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