Seaside Park
Park Avenue, Bridgeport, Fairfield County, Connecticut


Saw Mill Parkway north to US 287 east; US 95 north to Exit 27; Lafayette Boulevard/Downtown 0.1 miles. Turn right onto Myrtle Avenue. Turn right onto Railroad Avenue 0.1 miles. Turn left onto Park Avenue 0.4 miles.


None other than P. T. Barnum was the author of the improvements on the water-front known as Seaside Park.

1863  -- the idea occurred to him when he rode over the ground and observed its use as a park  He pushed for the immediate acquisition of the land for it would only get more expensive if they waited.

He was opposed by what he called some "old fogies". But he got help from Nathaniel Wheeler, James Loomis, Francis Ives, and Frederick Wood.  They helped him convince the land owners to cooperate with the project.  Barnum himself purchased some of the necessary land and he also contributed funds to buy other lands.

1867  --  Mrs. Barnum was in poor health and her doctor told her to live by the seaside.  Mr. Barnum sold Lindencroft and moved into a small farm house adjoining Seaside Park.

1868 (fall)  --  Barnum purchased some land adjoining Seaside Park and built a home.

1869 (June)  -- the family moved into the new home. Barnum named it Waldemere.  He would spent 5 months of the year here and the rest in New York City.


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