Walnut Hill Road Open Space

Walnut Hill Road, Bethel, Fairfield County, Connecticut


1987 four parcels on the east side of Old Hawleyville Road were donated by Kurt B. Hersher representing Quaker Hollow Estates (one acre apiece).

1992 an additional parcel on the west side of Old Hawleyville road was donated by Mary Dibble (0.5 acres, almost totally covered by a pond).

Properties owned by Bethel Land Trust.


I looked for a place to park and did not find anywhere on Walnut Hill Road or Old Hawleyville Road.  But there is a place on the north side or Kristy Drive (south of Walnut Hill Road).  But the place is all marsh/swamp and there are no apparent trails.  Dr. Patrick L. Cooney, summer of 2005.


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