Cornwall, CT

Source: Cooley #25


From the junction of Routes 4 and 125 in Cornwall, drive on Route 125 north less than 0.6 of a mile and turn west (left) on Dibble Hill Road; enter via a dirt road on the left, 500 feet from Route 125. Park at the edge of Dibble Hill Road.


Owned by The Nature Conservancy. Land donated by Nancy Day Gillespie.


resembles Cathedral Pines (a little south of Ballyhack), but at the turn into the 20th century. There are a series of steep-sided ravines, connected to the three branches of Baldwin Brook running south through the preserve.


You can walk down Ballyhack Road to access some of the largest trees in the preserve. Or you can walk down the center of the park going from north to south.


Pinus strobus (white pine) dominant species

Tsuga canadensis (eastern hemlock)

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