New Fairfield Land Trust: Redecca Property
36 Beaver Bog Road
17.8 Acres


US 84 east to exit 5; turn left onto Route 39;  turn right onto Giollatti Road (still Rt. 39) and travel to the junction with Route 37; turn left onto Route 37 north; drive 1.7 miles and turn right onto Beaver Bog Road. Drive 0.9 of a mile and park at a small pull-off at a chained off path opposite house #42.  (You can park at another pull-off at around 0.8 of a mile.)  The stream is found between house #30 and house #40.  Walk back to the stream on the south side of the road. 


The area may once have been used for making charcoal.

Tina Redecca and her husband Jim Moskowitz were very early supporters of NFLT. Jim also became a member of our Board of Directors in our first year Tina had purchased this and other properties that abutted her home with the intent of protecting the area from over development. This land encompassed a large portion of the northern section of the aquifer surrounding Short Woods Brook. This is New Fairfield’s main aquifer that runs to the center of town up to the Shaws's property.

 Donated by Tina Redecca 3/20/1999


 dry forestland and wetlands; man-made pond. 


Although there is currently limited access, the hope is to connect it with a greenway trail extending to the center of town.

7/20/2005.  On a warm day, Ceferino Santana, dog Sonar and I parked across from house #42.  This was our third or fourth stop of the day. Headed north on a wide trail.  The road kept going north for awhile and then bore to the left, heading northwest.  We came to a fork in the trail.  We turned left (ignoring the trail heading straight).  There was a No Trespassing sign, but it was on the right side and we figured it applied to that side of the trail.  We soon realized we had made a horseshoe turn and were now heading south back towards the car.  Crossed the stream.  Found a sign on the back-side of a tree saying "Leaving Connecticut State Land."  So I guess we were on private property for a short distance.  Anyway, kept walking and found a trail going off to the right; ignored it.  Soon came to the backyard of a private house.  And here the trail petered out anyway, so we turned around and backtracked to the car.   Dr. Patrick L. Cooney.


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