Shady Lane Farm
Hill/Rock Climbing
(owned by land trust)
14.0 acres


US 84 east to exit 5; turn left onto Route 39 north; on Route 39 north drive about 19.3 miles and turn left onto Gelston Road (just past Spring Lake Road); drive less than 0.1 of a mile and turn left onto Shady Lane Farm Road (not labeled when I was there); drive to the end of the road;  a private house is on the right; park on the grass just off the end of the road.  A hayfield is to the north of the parking area and a Hill/Rock Climb is on the south. 


Talked to the very pleasant Evan Meenan, the son of house owners Brian and Alli Meenan, at the last house on the right on Shady Lane Farm Road.  They have lived in the house since 1992.  He believes that a man named Naromi owned the land before it was divided into smaller plots and sold to three buyers.


hayfield; steep wooded rocky slopes; Naromi Brook touches the northwestern edge of the hayfield

Pick up a map of many of the Naromi Trust lands on the second floor of the Old Store Museum and Gift Shop at the intersection of Route 37 and Saw Mill Road in Sherman Center.


There are no formal trails.

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