Litchfield County, Connecticut


The town consists of a high plateau, bordered on the south by Lake Waramaug.  It is bounded on the north by Cornwall, east by Litcheld, south by Washington, and west by Kent.

Above All State Park located at 1456 feet elevation with a great view to the west.

The Mattatuck Trail runs from Prospect Mt. along abandoned roads to Flat Rock, where connection is made with the Appalachian Trail coming east from Kent Falls along the northern boundary of the town.


Warren was originally a part of Kent.

about 1737 Warren settled.

1750 the parish of East Greenwich organized.

1786 a town incorporated and named for Massachusetts Gen. Joseph Warren, the Revolutionary hero who lost his life at Bunker Hill.

c. 1793 a brick school built about 1.5 miles north and 0.5 of a mile west of Warren village turns west, that, already in 1935, was one of the oldest in New England in continuous use.

1810  --  the population of the town was 1,096.

1814  -- evangelist Charles G. Finney was prepared to enter Yale College. He had gone to Warren, Connecticut, his native town, to prepare for his entrance at Warren High School.

1818 in the village of Warren, a Congregational Church built during the pastorate of Rev. Peter Starr (who served for 57 years). The church sent 16 young men into the ministry, including Charles G. Finney (1792-1875) the famous evangelist, associated with the early history of Oberlin College; and Julian M. Sturtevant (1805-1886) a member of the Illinois Band that went out from Yale, and founder of Illinois College.

1830   --  the population was reduced to 986.

1870s  --  a baker named William Russel Frisbie, of Warren, Connecticut, and later of Bridgeport, had a company that made homemade pies.  He decided to put the family name in relief on the bottom of the pans.  In the 1940s, Yale students starting throwing them for sport.  In the 1950s, a man designed a saucer-lke disc that started to catch on in California.  He named his product the Frisbie after running into the tale of Frisbie pie plate throwing at Yale.    

Today  --  population of 1,260 inhabitants


Warren Connecticut, from the Connecticut Guide, 1935  http://members.skyweb.net/~channy/CTGuideWar.html

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