John B. Nichols Community Center

Unity Road, Trumbull, Fairfield County, Connecticut

Town Residents Only. 


Merritt Parkway north to exit 51; turn left onto Route108 (Huntington Turnpike); drive 0.2 of a mile and turn left onto Unity Road; pass by the cemetery on the right and soon after there is an opening at the east end of the Richard and Mary Moore Memorial Field (part of the Community Center).


field, community center, playground, woods

9/28/2005.  There are some woods between the Field to the west and the Community Center itself to the east (fronting on Route 108 (Huntington Turnpike).  But no "outsiders" permitted.  Dr. Patrick L. Cooney. 


Note from Tom Ebersold, AMC Hike Leader:

Even more limited than town residents. This area is owned by the Nichols Improvement Association, which is a neighborhood organization that funds the park through voluntary dues. They make it clear that they view this as their property for their use. That said, you can park in the gravel lot by their building. There are some nice trails on the property. It's not like they are going to check you for ID. I attend the church across the street (Nichols) which uses this lot on Sundays.


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