New Canaan Audubon Society Bird Sanctuary  --  Rosebrook Road
Rosebrook Road, New Canaan, Fairfield County, Connecticut


From the Merritt Parkway, take New Canaan Exit 37 (South Avenue/Route 124). Turn left onto South Avenue/Route 124 and continue into New Canaan Station Area. Turn right onto Harrison Avenue; turn/bear 45 degrees to the left to pick up Millport Avenue; turn right in order to make a left onto New Norwalk Road (Route 123); drive 0.5 of a mile and turn right onto Brushy Ridge Road; turn left onto Rosebrook Road; pass by Bittersweet Lane.  The bird sanctuary is on the right.  One possible parking pull-off just by house #230. 


10/25/2005.  This is another one of those no trails, no signage, no nothing sanctuaries.  I was too irritated to stay.  Which raises the question.  Do birders disturb the birds?  or botanists?  And if birders disturb the birds maybe they shouldn't bird.  Why else the existence of sanctuaries with no trails or signage?  I'll come back, I guess.  Dr. Patrick L. Cooney.