The Great Ledge (connected to Devil's Den)
Redding, Fairfield County, CT
8.9 acres


Dayton Road at Fox Lane.  Parking  for 5 cars is across from Fox Lane/Pinchbeck trailhead.


There is a 200 foot granite cliff here that overlooks the Saugatuck Reservoir.


1970  --  Theodore and Anna Lee Dayton offered the town 45 acres of land adjoining Devil's Den.  But the 9 acres of the Great Ledge went to their daughter, Deborah Dayton Scoblick.

1987  -- the property was up for sale.  

1988  --  The land was purchased virtually by the entire town of Redding -- for $225,000 dollars.  


The Great Ledge Trail (circular)  hooks up with the Pinchbeck Trail, the Ledge Trail, and the Dayton Trail.

From the parking area on Dayton Road (not far from the intersection with Tudor Road), the Pinchbeck Trail heads south then southwest to hook up with the Great Ledge Trail.


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