Money Beach

Bridgeport, Fairfield County, Connecticut


The name "Money Beach" arose out of the legend that pirates had buried treasure there.

1649  --  Thomas Wheeler chose Black Rock for his homelot.  (His great-grandson, Captain Ichabod Wheeler, was a leader in the shipbuilding industry there.)

1762  --  Captain John Squire built a house back toward the hill and a wharf at the beach.

1776  --  a fort built at the mouth of Ash Creek.  (The actual site has been eroded from the cliff).

1779  --  the men at the fort halted a British landing party and saved Black Rock.  (But the invasion of Fairfield on the opposite shore went on.)

1779  --  John Squire's stepson, Isaac Jarvis, commanded the Revolutionary fort.

1814  --   during the War of 1812, a fort was hastily constructed on the embankment when two British frigates threatened the harbor. Soon afterwards, the fort was dismantled.


Route J: Black Rock and Stratfield.


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