Warner Anglers Preserve

3 access points on South Park Avenue, Easton, Fairfield County, Connecticut

5 acres


Merritt Parkway north for 29.2 miles to exit 47; turn right onto South Park Avenue; with a short drive you will pass Toll House Lane on the left and then cross over Mill River on a bridge; there is a pull-off on the left side of the road as soon as one crosses the bridge over the Mill River. 

A second parking area is north of the first on the right hand side of the road just before crossing the second bridge over Mill River.  There is a parking area on the left just a little ways above the entrance to the fishing access.

A third parking area is 0.2 of a mile north of the second parking area on the left just before the intersection with Buck Hill Road.


Just on the other side of Mill River from the second Warner access point is the Mill River Open Space.

fishing access


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