West Briggs Hill

Briggs Hill Road, Sherman, Fairfield County, Connecticut

84 acres


US 84 east to exit 5; turn left onto Route 39 north; follow Route 39 north for 17.7 miles to its junction in Sherman center with Route 37; turn left onto Route 37 south; drive about 1.5 miles and turn right onto Briggs Hill Road; drive 0.4 of a mile and park near the entrance on the left (west) side of the road. 

The area as a whole looks like two off-set boxes, southwestern and northeastern,  joined together at the southwestern edge of the northeastern box.


The trail starts at the northeast section of the northeastern box.  After a semi-loop it goes through and stone wall and then heads west over a brook.  The trail continues west and then southwest down through the section that joins the two boxes; it heads in a southerly direction down to the southeastern section of the southwestern box.  It crosses over a brook.  It then head northwest along the west side of the brook.  It then heads almost westerly to a loop trail in the southwestern section of the southwestern box. 

Pick up a map of many of the Naromi Trust lands on the second floor of the Old Store Museum and Gift Shop at the intersection of Route 37 and Saw Mill Road in Sherman Center.

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