Little River North Trail
Redding, Fairfield County, CT


Pheasant Ridge Road and/or John Read Road. The easiest way to get there: Route 58 East or West. Coming from Bethel, you will pass Putnam Park Pond on your left, bear left at the fork following Rt. 58 for approximately 1.5 miles, Sunset Hill is to the left at the apex of a right-hand curve, you will travel up a steep incline for about a mile, Pheasant Ridge is on the left.

Coming from Easton, your point of reference is the four way stop at the junction of Route 58, Cross Highway, and Church Hill, from there Sunset Hill is the third road on your right about 3/4 miles up. You can also catch the trail half way down at John Read Road.


There are 2.8 miles of trail. The trail from John Read Road to Cross Highway follows the Little River and is both scenic and tranquil. The trail is singletrack, flat and winds along the babbling river.



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