Sheffield Island and the Stewart B. McKinley National Wildlife Refuge
via Hope Dock, Norwalk, Fairfield County, CT


Hope Dock is just south of the Maritime Aquarium at the corner of Washington and Water Streets.


Seaport Islander Cruises offers a thirty-minute cruise to Sheffield Island, the outermost of the 13 Norwalk Islands.


1868 -- stone lighthouse built. It has ten rooms, several of which can be viewed by the public.

1902  --  the lighthouse was decommissioned when a new light house was built a quarter-mile inshore.  The lighthouse museum is owned and operated  by the Norwalk Seaport Association.

The lighthouse is home to many birds that nest along the Island's rocky shore. It is also home in the winter to harbor seals. 


At the Stewart B. McKinley National Wildlife Refuge, one can walk around the refuge via the perimeter of the island. Also here is a 2,000-foot nature trail with observation deck


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