Clinton Park

intersection of Brooklawn Avenue and North Avenue, Bridgeport, Fairfield County, Connecticut


1666  --  Richard Hubble deeded the land for the future park to the town

1678  --  the first Post rider made the trip from New York to Boston on the King's Highway. 

before 1694  --  Clinton Park was used as a military training ground.  Then it was known as the Stratfield Militia Grounds.  (The area was larger at that time.)

1695  --  Stratfield founded.

1698  --  Clinton Park triangular green established.

1867  --  P. T. Barnum owned the property around the Park.

1911  --  to the northwest of the Park, the former residence of Ms. Elizabeth Sterling Seeley, P. T. Barnum's granddaughter, built in French Normandy style.  It is now a rooming house.

1915  --  King's Highway marker.

1917  -- elms planted (and have long since disappeared). 

1960s  --  the Christian Science Church built and now dominates the streetscape.

1976  --  Bicentennial (U.S.) memorial.


Clinton Par, Bridgeport.


6 benches