Mohawk Trail

Cornwall Bridge, Litchfield County, Connecticut

The trail comes into the town of Cornwall over a bridge from the town of Sharon. In Cornwall Bridge, it crosses over Route 4 and heads southeast along the border of Wyantenock Forest. 

The trails turns left and heads northwest through Wyantenock State Forest (Coltsfoot Mountain ridge) to the village of Cornwall.  It turns right heading southeast again, this time down along Jewell Street.  Heads down Valley Road and then left, northeast over Essex Hill Road.

Passes over Route 480 (Great Hollow Road) and heads east into Mohawk Mountain State Park. 

(There is a branch trail heading south from Mohawk Mountain State Park.  

It heads into the Black Spruce Bog of Mohawk State Forest  and then up to Red Mountain, the farthest northeast corner of Mohawk State Forest. 

The Trail heads west for a while and then northeast along Johnson Road to cross Route 43 (Cornwall Hollow Road).  The trail heads northwest to a horseshoe turn to head northeast. 

The trail heads north to cross Lake Road  and farther northeast (not too far from Cream Hill Pond) up to Pond Hill.  The next road crossed is Ford Hill Road in Cornwall Hollow.

The trail heads north and then northwest to the Housatonic State Forest; heads west across the width of the Housatonic State Forest into the town of Canaan.

(See Mohawk Trail Canaan.) 

Branch Trail (heading South)

The trail heads almost south down through Mohawk State Forest.  Reaches the Pinnacle at 1650 feet.  Heading southeast it hits Mohawk Mountain (1683 feet).  It goes along side Wadhams Road for a while and then along the eastern boundary of a second parcel of Mohawk Mountain State Park to the south.  (It goes for a little distance into the town of Goshen.)  It goes closes to the shores of Mohawk Pond and then follows the shore along the pond's southern shoreline.  The trail then heads a little southwest off south.

It goes along the eastern side of Camp Road back in Mohawk State Forest to cross Great Hill Road.  (My map shows a little gap in the trail from here to a little northeast of Perkins Road.)

The trail picks up again and heads along the northwest sid eof Perkins Road.  I turn turne left (southeast) to head down College Street.  It ends a the junctiln with College Street and Seeley Roa. 

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