Beeslick Pond
Salisbury , Litchfield County, Connecticut

located in southwest Salisbury; east of Sharon Road (Route 41); southwest of Lime Rock Road (Route 112); west of Red Mountain Road. 

*Medium Fen - peatlands dominated by ericaceous shrubs and sedges. 

Leatherleaf saturated dwarf shrublands.

Wool fruited sedge saturated grasslands,

Twig-rush saturated grasslands

White-beak sedge saturated grasslands.

Community Examples:

 Leatherleaf / Beaked sedge (Carex utriculata var. rostrata) community

Wool fruited sedge - Water sedge (Carex aquatilis) community

Twig-rush - White beak sedge (Rhynchospora alba) community.

Twig-rush - Coastal sedge (Carex exilis) community

Twig-rush - Spatula leaf sundew (Drosera intermedia)

Beaked spikesedge (Eleocharis rostellata) community.


Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection: Connecticut's Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy: Species and Habitat Lists

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