Turkey Trot Trail

Shelton, Fairfield County, Connecticut

this property is just north of Stewart Woods, across Route 108.

There are two parking places:  one on Route 108 across from Stewart Woods and the other on Constitution Avenue.

Trails:  (map)

From Constitution Avenue:

the trail heads west across the power cut and to Willowby Road on the west side of the property.  From here the trail heads south then back east across the power cut to the Parking area on Shelton Avenue (Route 108).  From here the trail heads east then northeast to hook up with the parking area on Constitution Avenue, thereby completing a loop trail..  

A shorter loop trail:

From Constitutilon Avenue parking lot, head east to near the power cut; turn left and head southwest, south, southeast, east, northeast, and north to complete a circle; turn right and head back to the Constitution Avenue parking lot. 


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