Graham M Brush Jr. Preserve

off Wintergreen Lane, Warren, Litchfield County, Connecticut

40 acres


From the intersection of Route 7 and Route 341 in Kent village, follow Route 341 east to the intersection with Route 45; turn/bear right onto Route 45 south/ Route 341 east; in a short distance turn left onto Cemetery Road; pass by the New Cemetery on the left; turn left onto Town Hill Road; at the T-intersection turn left to follow Town Hill Road; in a short distance turn right onto Wintergreen Lane.  Follow down Wintergreen Lane to its dead-end.  

Graham M Brush Jr. Easements on Tanner Hill Road - 12 acres              

8/22/2005.  We could not find a preserve here.  There are No Trespassing signs around the path that we found at the dead-end of Wintergreen Lane.  I walked down the path a short ways to see if perhaps the area on the left was open.  But nope, soon came to one No Trespassing sign facing the walker and another on the left side of the path.  So I just turned around and walked out.  Perhaps they haven't yet put up the Preserve signs?  Dr. Patrick L. Cooney.     

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