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German and Austrian Wartime Magazines

Publications from the Central Powers


German magazines and periodicals were just as varied as those published in the other warring countries and with almost the same confusion of like-sounding names, though on a whole as time wore on, the quality of paper and printing declined due to shortages and rationing and prices increased through war-time inflation. The prestigious 'Leipziger Illustrirte Zeitung', published simultaneously in Berlin, Vienna, Budapest and New York (until 1917) was much like its British and French counterparts 'the Illustrated London News', 'the Sphere' and 'l'Illustration', both in size, layout and use of illustrations. 'Der Krieg in Wort und Bild 1914' and 'Illustrierte Weltkriegschronik' were serial history magazines, much like similar British and French magazines such as 'the Great War' and 'Panorama de la Guerre'. Other German publications were less inspiring in appearance and compared to Allied publications, were certainly much less warlike in content, publishing few photos of actual combat or military operations.

Instead German magazines seemed to have a tendency to concentrate on more homely matters, showing everyday military life in regards to sanitary provisions, accomodations for the troops, re-building damaged infrastructure in the occupied territories, fraternizing with enemy nationals, attending cultural events and so on. Most magazines also contained charming, if unattainable, accounts of travelogues and visits to historical monuments and buildings. Certainly German publications did not enjoy portraying the wide spread destruction and devastation caused by the war and aside from showing scenes of Russian dead from time to time, did not go in for publishing the more grisly photographs of the dead as did many French magazines like 'le Miroir' or 'J'ai Vu'.

German magazines dedicated a large portion of their contents to war news from the Eastern and Turkish fronts. From their point of view, the fortunes of war on fronts other than the Western front was just as important and at times much more heartening as well. Allied news magazines tended to be somewhat more parochial in outlook, with almost all attention focused on events in the West.

Included in this collection of German Great War magazines are several which were expressly published for foreign consumption, in both occupied territories as well as abroad. These magazines are even more sedate and bland than those printed for the home public as far as warfare and fighting are concerned. On the other hand though, German magazines provide a very interesting view of life behind the front lines and of how soldiers spent their time going about their daily duties.

Though most illustrative material in German magazines was home-made so to speak, it should be noted that quite a number of photographs and drawings originally published in Allied magazines made their way into German periodicals. Generally speaking this process did not work the other way around, which is somewhat of an indication that propaganda-wise, German publishers were lagging behind their Allied adversaries.

German illustrated magazines for sale in a French shop in occupied territory

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left :'la Gazette des Ardennes'
printing a French language newspaper in German Occupied France

   right : from a war-time German magazine : a collage of German newspapers and trench newspapers


         General News Magazines 

 Leipziger Illustrirte Zeitung

Berliner Illustrirte Zeitung

Die Wochenschau

Das Illustrierte Blatt

Rhein und Düssel

 Illustrierte Weltschau

Kleine Presse


Granat Splitter

Illustrierte Criminal Zeitung

Der Krieg

Illustrierte Kriegs-Blaetter

Der Krieg - Illustrierte Chronik des Krieges

Des deutschen Volkes Kriegstagebuch

(Austrian newsmagazine)

Die Welt

Das Leben im Bild 


Deutschlands Weltkrieg

Unsere Krieger (Austrian Magazine)


Das Neuste vom Kriegs-Schauplatz

Illustrierte Frankfurter Woche

Oesterreichische Illustrierte Zeitung

Beilage der Berliner Lokal-Anzeigers


Deutsche Illustrierte Zeitung



Der Weltkrieg 1914 Illustrierte Kriegszeitung

Der Weltbrand

Hamburger Fremdenblatt

Illustrierte Kriegs-Zeitung

Der Welt-Spiegel

Aus Zeit und Leben

Muenchener Illustrierte

Kriegsbilder Beilage

Der Weltenbummler

Deutsche Blaetter
in Wort und Bild

Zeit im Bild

Reklams Universum

Neue Warte am Inn

Welt im Bild

Illustrierte Kronen Zeitung (Austrian magazine)

Wurttemberger Illustrierte Zeitung

Chemnitzer Illustrierte Zeitung

Illustrierte Unterhaltungsblatt

Wiener Bilder
(Austrian Newsmagazine)

Al Erdekes Usjag
(Hungarian Newsmagazine)

Schwabisches Bilderblatt

Der Weltkrieg - Algemeine Deutsche Kriegszeitung

Illustrierte Kriegszeitung Westfalische Volksfreund

Konrads Illustrierte Blaetter (Austrian Newsmagazine)

Deutsche Feldpostbriefe

Illustrierte Wochen-Rundschau

Ueber Land und Meer



Lothringer Zeitung


War Reports and Official Communiqués


Krieg und Ruhmesblatter

Der Krieg von 1914

Deutsche Kriegs-Chronik

Allgauer Kriegschronik

Der Grosse Krieg

Der Grosse Krieg

Deutschland zur See



Serial History Magazines

Der Krieg 1914
in Wort und Bild

Illustrierte Weltkriegskronik

Der Krieg 1914
in Wort und Bild

Illustrierte Geschichte des Weltkrieges

Die grosse Zeit

Der Weltkrieg 1914

Der Weltkrieg 1914

Der Weltkrieg 1914

Krieg und Sieg 1914

Eisern Kreuz

Der Volkerkrieg

Unsere Bayern im Felde

for Foreign and Occupied Countries

Journal de la Guerre/Oorlogskroniek

Album de la Grande Guerre

Journal de la Guerre/Oorlogskroniek

Illustrierter Kriegs Kurier

Liller Kriegszeitung



la Gazette des Ardennes

Belgischer Bilder-Kurier



Cultural, Literary, Family and Humor Magazines

Die Gartenlaube

Das Buch fur Alle

Die Woche


Lustige Blaetter



Meggendorfer Blaetter

Tornister Humor

Sachsen im Feld und Heimat


Vobachs Frauen-Moden

Illustrierte Familien-Zeitung

der Kriegs-Lese

Allgemeine Rundschau

Lustiges Blatt

Die Wacht

Fur Alle Welt

Der Gemuetliche


Die Bayerische Landwehr

Feinde Ringsum


Children's Magazines

Kriegsblaetter fur die Deutsche Jugend

Deutsche Jugendhefte

Kriegsbuch fur die Jugend und das Volk

Der Krieg




Illustrierte Maedchen-Zeitung

der Gute Kamerad



Army and Trench Magazines



Champagne Kriegs-Zeitung


Post-War Magazines


Der Weltkrieg im Bild


Kriegskunst in Wort und Bild



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