a German Magazine for Art and Literature


'Jugend' (Youth) was a German magazine that published articles on Art and Literature. Many fine color reproductions of paintings, drawings and watercolors were printed in each issue. The artistic styles favored by the editors came to be known as 'Jugendstil' (or 'Art Nouveau' to English and French speaking art connaisseurs). Modern-day readers would however probably have difficulty discerning elements that are now thought to be instrinsically inherent in 'Jugendstil' art forms when compared to the art published in this magazine, especially during the war years of 1914-1918. Like so many publications at the time, a large portion was given over to war news of one form or another. In the case of 'Jugend' this was translated into publishing more or less artistically inspired military illustrations, drawings or caricatures. Little of the artwork was expressly militaristic in nature, but rather showed earnest and enthusiastic citizens engaged in all the varied occupations having to do with military service in the German or Austrian armies. A large amount of the artwork was sent in by gifted amateurs.

But in spite of the almost all-encompassing nature of the conflict, a very large part of 'Jugend' was still devoted to pre-war subjects and readers could still admirefinely executed landscapes, folkloristic subjects, architectural studies and the like.


left : a portrait of Austrian Chief of Staff Conrad von Hoetzendorf
right : from 1914 - German Landsturm



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