'Die Woche'


a German Weekly Family Magazine


Ordinarily, 'die Woche' (the Week) was a family magazine offering general interest articles and photos, news on fine arts and litterature, woman's fashion and household matters along with serialized novels and the odd poem. With the outbreak of war, a large, but not overwhelming porportation of pages were dedicated to the more sedate type of war news such as showing commanding officers, holders of decorations and medals, views of soldiers behind the front lines or during off-duty activities, facilities for the care of wounded and sick and other uplifting sujects.

Even though the magazine proper was not entirely given over to war-news, the editors did regularly publish special 'Kriegs Album' or War Albums which contained nothing but photos pertaining to the war on all fronts along with a detailed chronology of events. These special publications were excellent in terms of subject matter and presentation.


left : a protective coverpage - identical each issue but for the date and numbering
right : an inside titlepage - a portrait of the Kaiser

advertising for the excellent compilation albums of war-time photos by 'die Woche'

*see pages from 'die Woche' on the battle of Verdun / the fall of Antwerp /
the siege and fall of Antwerp 2 / the Sieges of Przemysl / the summer offensive in Galicia in 1915



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