'des deutschen Volkes Kriegstagebuch'

a Weekly War News Magazine

front page cover with titlepage photo and table of contents

backpage with left a postcard and right advertisements


'Des deutschen Volkes Kriegstagebuch' (from the German People's War Diary) is an odd appearing German publication judged from the cover and back pages. Inside the layout was more conventional. Essentially it was a magazine giving more or less detailed accounts of war-related events on a weekly basis. It was somewhat similar to other serial history magazines published in France, Great Britain and Germany, though far less lavish in scope and smaller in size. It most resembles the French magazine 'La Guerre de Jour en Jour' both in price and general look, though 'Kriegstagebuch' is better illustrated and printed on better quality paper.

The cover pages were done in an unconventional style, partly to save space and to allow the inside pages minus the outer page, to be bound in separate volumes afterwards. In early issues, the backpage also contained a war-related postcard. Inside the magazine was of quite good quality, printing large sized photographs and illustrations on many subjects and war related themes. As with many German publications, emphasis was laid on soldier's conditions behind the front lines, stressing the hygienic and domestic comforts enjoyed by the troops. In counterpoint, the magazine was not loath to print photographs of scenes of devastion and death on the battlefield, presferably of enemy dead. On the whole, use was made of official government or newsagency photographs, generally of German or Austrian origin along with a smathering of Allied material. As with most German magazines, a large part of the publication was devoted to events on the Eastern Front.

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