'le Panorama de la Guerre'


a French Serial History of the Great War

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'Le Panorama de la Guerre' was a serial history of the Great War in French, published in weekly installments, much like the British and german sereial publications that were so popular at the time. Each issue was lavishly illustrated with photographs, drawings and color plates. The price per issue was not very high, especially considering the quality and quantity of illustrative material. Being a French publication, the magazine of course tended to focus on events directly effecting France, but even so the magazines taken as a whole offer a fascinating, if not always factually correct view on the Great War.

After a set number of weekly issues appeared they were generally boundt in an elegantly manufactured binder. After the war, surplus issues were ready binded in 6 large volumes along with a special 7th 'Victory Album' pertaining to events after November 11. Just as with leather bound volumes of 'L'Illustration', the 7 volume set of 'Le Panorama de la Guerre' was sold in vast numbers and was of such obvious worth that these volumes were seldom thrown away. Consequentially they are rather easy to find on the secondhand market even now and are well worth acquiring.


*also see full pages from 'Panorama de la Guerre' on the Battle of Verdun and the Siege of Antwerp
* see also double-page color illustrations from 'Panorama de la Guerre'


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