'das Intressante Blatt'



An Austrian Newsmagazine

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'Das Intressante Blatt' (The Interesting Magazine) was an Austrian newsmagazine. It featured almost exclusively war news during the years of the Great War, publishing many photographs and illustrations. Being an Austrian publication, news from the Eastern Front was the main item and consequently many photos were very different from what were to be found in magazines of the Entente Countries. Apparently different norms were adhered to in regards to showing dead and wounded, for 'das Intressante Blatt' had no qualms about showing heaps of enemy corpses, dead horses, amputees and unidentified dead and wounded Austro-Hungarian soldiers, the latter two in the hopes they might be identified by next-of-kin. Clearly customs differed from country to country. Much was made of the alliance with Turkey, the hereditary enemy since centuries past. Many interesting and unusual photos of the Turkish military were published. Aside from photographs, much use was made of hand-drawn illustration. The magazine also contained a large amount of advertising, many ads using war-themes in one manner or another. (see Patriotic Pins and Things)

*see also photos of the Siege of Antwerp from this magazine


Cover Pages

left : Turkish troops in Jerusalem
right : the war in West Galicia




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