'Le Miroir'

a French Tabloid Magazine

left : French Strecher-Bearers Bringing in the Wounded
right : Emilienne Moreau - A Civilian Heroine (see Lady of Loos)

left : the Belgian 'Mona Lisa' of the Yser - a Lady Who Refused to Leave her Front Line House
right : Entertaining French Troops - a Breton Bard, Theodore Botrel, Sings for Soldiers


Although a relatively new publication, 'Le Miroir' (the Mirror), soon became a dedicated war-news periodical. Aside from one or two written articles, it published a large variety of war photographs, with a notable emphasis on human interest subjects as well on the more gruesome manifestations of warfare. The magazine was renowned for publishing many views of (German) corpses and dead soldiers.

'Le Miroir' accepted and paid for amateur photographs, and even organised a contest offering a huge cash prize for the best amateur war-photograph of each year and of the whole war as well.(see War Photograph Contest)

Undoubtedly 'le Miroir' was one of the most modern appearing newsmagazines of the war, containing a wealth of out-of-the-ordinary photographs. Even if its appearance and contents especially was somewhat unusual for the time, 'le Miroir' was a hugely successful periodical.

*see also a collection of pages from 'Le Miroir' on the Battle of Verdun and the Siege of Antwerp



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