'Kriegsbuch fur die Jugend und das Volk'


a German Publication for Youngsters


'Kriegsbuch fur die Jugend und das Volk' (Warbook for Youngsters and the People) was published by the same company as 'der Krieg, Illustrierte Chronik des Krieges'. Both layouts were similar, especially on the outside covers on which identical illustrations were used. The contents was also very similar, though in 'Kriegsbuch fur die Jugend und Volk' emphasis was laid on aspects of warfare that would be of more interest to younger readers. Typical would be for instance stories in which German boys accompny the army into enemy territory or supply important information about troop movements. Much is made of technical and engineering matters and articles on trench building for instance were usually accompanied by finely rendered drawings and illustrations.

Late in the war, interest for military seemed to wane and the magazine contaned more and more articles on stritcly scientific and technogical subjects.


left : heavy Austrian siege artillery during rhe siege of Antwerp
right : German and Austrian soldies fighting side by side
both cover illustrations by Fritz Bergen


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