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In general it would appear that while British publishers thought nothing of creating whole new magazines from skratch dealing with war news, French publishers were more apt to transform already existing titles of newsmagazines into periodicals dealing with the great conflict raging in Europe and around the world. One of the most notable examples is 'l'Illustration', a venerable, if somewhat dull and stuffy pre-war magazine. The Great War issues of this magazine are splendid publications both from an artistic as well as from a historical view.

Others, such as 'Lectures Pour Tous' or 'Les Annales' both a sort of 'Reader's Digest' cum ''Argosy'/'All Story' publication, devoted about half of their pages to war related fiction and fact.

There were also specific war-related children's magazines such as 'Les Trois Couleurs', which featured comic strips, stories and illustrations for a youthful and patriotic public. And Paris being renowned as the capital of vice and sin, it could not be otherwise than naughty, racy publications such as 'La Vie Parisienne', 'Le Rire', 'Le Sourire', 'La Vie de Paris', 'Frou-frou' etc. all adapated themselves to war-time conditions. A new publication combining humor, satire, patriotism and a vague all-knowing sense of the naughtiness of the world was launched during the war years. It was called 'La Baionnette' and featured color illustrations by many of the more renowned French illustrators of the day, such as Hérouard and Le Rallic. Many issues were built up around a single theme such as for instance, 'Going on Leave', 'Trench Philosophers', 'Women at Work', 'Life in Cantonnements' and so on.

On the whole, French publications mirrored the opinion that the Great War was a struggle for national survival and most drew heavily on both patriotic as well as on national sentiments intent on exacting revenge against the German invaders. Even unlikely general knowledge or literary publications, printed entire issues after issue with nothing but war-related articles and illustrations. Photographic subject-matter was chosen accordingly as well. Of all the belligerent countries it can justifiably be argued that French publications were in the forefront when it came to publishing un-embelished photographs of modern warfare. While there was an understandable reluctance to show their own casualties, French magazines thought nothing of showing a multitude of dead German soldiers, often in rather gruesome condition.

This contrasts quite markedly with the general German journalistic practice of portraying the Great War as a large-scale building expedition into foreign countries or as a huge camping-trip for the Imperial armies. Clearly French editors knew where their duty lay : to portray Germans as uncivilized militaristic brutes and savages.


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Le Miroir

J'ai Vu

Les Hommes du Jour

Sur le Vif

Sur le Front

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Le Pays de France


Le Petit Journal

l'Image de la Guerre

Bulletin des Armées de la République

Le Monde Illustre


La France Illustrée

La Guerre Photographiée
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La Guerre Documentée

Lecture Pour Tous

Les Annales

La Guerre des Nations

Le Flambeau

les Grands Ecrivains

l'Illustré National

Album de la Guerre

le Pélerin

Journal des Voyages


Comment ?

La Mode

Journal de l'Université
des Annales

La Guerre Photographiée

La Vie Feminine

Journal des Ouvrages de Dames

La Femme Chez Elle
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Panorama de la Guerre

les Champs de Bataille de la Marne

La Guerre au Jour le Jour

En Plein Feu

la Guerre Europeenne

Histoire Illustrée
Guerre de 1914

La Grande Guerre du XX Siècle

La Guerre du Droit
Science and Mechanics

La Guerre Aerienne

Science et la Vie

Je Sais Tout


la Nature

aux Armées
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La Vie Parisienne

Le Sourire


Le Rire

La Baionnette

Le Regiment

le Pele-Mele

Nos Poilus

Le Joyeux Poilu

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le Bon Point

Les Trois Couleurs



Le Cri-Cri


la Jeunesse Illustree

Zizi Tueur des Boches

l'Etoile Noëliste

Le Noël

La Croix d'Honneur

Mon Journal

La Jeune France

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le Limousin Militaire

le Drapeau
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la Guerre Mondiale


Sonntagsblatt der Vaterland






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La Isfera

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