'Illustrierte Weltkriegschronik'
der Leipziger Illustrirten Zeitung


A German Serial History Magazine

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'Illustrierte Weltkriegschronik der Leipziger Illustrirten Zeitung' (the Illustrated Chronicle of the World War of the Leipziger Illustrated Paper) was a serial history publication, much like its companion German magazine 'Illustrierte Geschichte des Weltkrieges' and French and British publications like 'Panorama de la Guerre' or 'the Great War' and 'the Times History of the War'.

Text was by German author Paul Schreckenbach, apparently quite a prolific writer of historical novels. Most war-time magazines served propaganda purposes of one kind or another, and the choice of a fiction writer for what is suposed to be a work of historical importance should perhaps be seen in that light.

Whatever faults the magazine might have possessed from a factual point of view, it was certainly well and elegantly illustrated. Illustrations, paintings, drawings and photos were all taken from the pages of the prestigious 'Illustrirte Zeitung', which made for a wide ranging choice. The magazine abounds in work by such famous war-time German artists as Felix Schwormstaedt, Richard Axmann and Wilhelm Gause. And since the magazine was meant for a German and Austrian public, much of the contents deals with events on the Eastern Front, which gives it a much different feel than similar Allied serial magazines.


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*see several pages from the 'Illustrierte Weltkriegschronik' on the Siege of Antwerp

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