'Deutsche Kriegs-Chronik
des grossen Volkerkampfes'


a Weekly War-News Magazine

several coverpages


'Deutsche Kriegs-Chronik des grossen Volkerkampfes' (German War Chronicle of the Great War of the Nations) was a weekly publication as supplement to a daily newspaper called 'Oberbayerischen Generalanzeigers'. It was a typical publication giving official war-communiqués and reports on a weekly basis. Articles were stritcly factual and amounted to little more than a summary of events pertaining to the war. During the first war years this publication was heavily illustrated, generally with standard news agency photos, though now and then drawn illustrations were used as covers. In the later war years, starting in 1917, no illustrations were used at all.

*see photos and full pages from the siege of Antwerp / the siege of Przemysl



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