'Kriegsblatter fur die deutsche Jugend'


a Weekly Magazine for German Children

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'Kriegsblatter fur die deutsche Jugend' ('Warmagazines for German Youth') was a small-sized children's magazine which published short moralizing and patriotic war stories during the Great War years. Lay-out and presenation were simple in appearance and each issue was nicely illustrated with line drawings by artist Albert Reich. The illustrations were of a somewhat old-fashioned style but were nonetheless well-executed and very graphically appealing. Aside from uniform details, they were probably not highly realistic in regards to actual condistions on the fighting lines, but being a children's magazine, that was not the intention. Judged on their artistic merits, the drawings by Reich are very charming indeed and therefore present a gallery of pages from 'Kriegsblatter fur die deutsche Jugend' in the following links.

*see also French war-time children's books : 'les Livres Roses pour la Jeunesse de Larousse'

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