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A RAILWAY OF THE FAR NORTH. The White Pass and Yukon Railway.

ACROSS AFRICA BY RAIL Developing the Mineral Resources of the Congo

ACROSS AUSTRALIA BY TRAIN Pioneers of an Unparalleled Wilderness

ACROSS THE ANDES In the face of unparalleled difficulties, aggravated by the climate, engineers in South America have succeeded in building railways across the world's second highest mountain range. These include the Peruvian Central Railway, in Peru, and the Transandine Railway, between the Argentine and Chile.

AERIAL MOUNTAIN RAILWAYS By F. A. Talbot The Method of Alpine Viewing which is Safe, Luxurious, Rapid and Popular

AERIAL RAILWAYS A Novel Form of Transport for Conveying Goods and Passengers in Mountainous Districts

AMERICAN "COMET" A Diesel-Electric Express of Remarkable Design

AMERICA'S FIRST TRAINS Their Origins and Early Developments

ACROSS THE GREAT SALT LAKE For twelve miles across the storm-swept Great Salt Lake in Utah the world's longest trestle bridge was built by railway engineers to shorten by forty-three miles the route of the Central Pacific Railway.

ALPINE TUNNELS Piercing the immense barriers of the Alps are four long tunnels—the Mont Cenis, St. Gotthard, Simplon and Lötschberg—which were, at the time of their building, unprecedented triumphs of engineering skill.

ARTICULATED LOCOMOTIVES Their Evolution and Advantages

ATMOSPHERIC RAILWAY An Attempt to Drive Trains by Air Pressure

AUSTRIA'S RAIL TRANSPORT Progressive Development in a Mountainous Country

AUTOMATIC SAFETY Systems of Automatic Train Control

AVOIDING THE AVALANCHESome Ingenious Protective Measures Adopted by Swiss Engineers

BELGIUM'S STEEL NETWORKThe Most Concentrated System in the World

BRIGHTON'S ELECTRIC RAILWAY The First Electric Line in Great Britain

BRITAIN'S INLAND SYSTEM The Influence of the Midland upon Present-Day Practice

BRITISH DIESEL RAIL COACHES A Challenge to the Competition of the Road

BRITISH ENTERPRISE IN SOUTH AMERICA The Activities of Two Important Systems

BRITISH RAILPLANE Overhead Streamlined Trains

BUILDING THE WORLD’S LOFTIEST BRIDGE By F. A. Talbot The Central Span of the Fades Viaduct is Higher than the Topmost Point of the Forth Bridge

BURMA'S METRE-GAUGE SYSTEM Developing the Resources of a Rich Territory

CAPE TOWN-JOHANNESBURG EXPRESS Through Africa's Gateway into the World's Largest Goldfields

CHANNEL TUNNEL, THE Ambitious Schemes for a Non-Stop journey from London to Paris

"CHELTENHAM FLYER" Great Britian's Fastest Start-to-Stop Schedule

CHICAGO'S UNIQUE UNDERGROUND A Remarkable Urban Transport System

COACHES FOR ROAD OR RAIL Experimental Services Designed to Speed-up Travel

"COCK O' THE NORTH" Secrets of One of Britain's Most Famous Locomotives

CONQUEST OF CANADA How Pioneers thrust the Railway across a Vast Continent

CONQUEST OF THE CLOUDS How Courageous Engineers fought Snow, Ice and Avalanche

CONTINENTAL LOCOMOTIVES Evolution of some Powerful European Types

"CORNISH RIVIERA EXPRESS" A Non-Stop Journey of Over 225 Miles in Four Hours

CROSS-COUNTRY ROUTES Fast Services that Link Important Centres

CRUISING BY TRAIN Novel Holiday Fashions have been Introduced by the Railways

DEFYING DEATH VALLEYThe Stupendous Drama of the Men who Drove a Railway Across Fiery Desert Sands

DETECTING RAIL DEFECTS Remarkable Safety Apparatus that Discovers Invisible Flaws

DEVELOPMENT OF MALAYA, THE A Line that Brought Prosperity to the Jungle

DIESEL LOCOMOTIVES The Construction of and Performance Obtained from the Oil Engine

DIESEL SHUNTING LOCOMOTIVES Economical Traction for Special Services

DOORWAY TO CANADA Developing a Dominion Along the Steel Highway

DRIVERLESS SUBWAY TRAINS Carrying Mails Eighty Feet Below London Streets

DRIVING A LOCOMOTIVE A Trip on The Footplate at Seventy Miles an Hour

DURING THE RUSH HOURS How the Railways Serve their Regular Passengers

ELECTRIC POWER ON THE GRAND SCALE The Greatest Suburban Electrification Scheme in the World

ELECTRIC TRACTION A Vital Developmen in the History of The Railway

ELECTRIFICATION OVERSEAS Development of Power Schemes in the Dominions

ELEVATED AND MONO-RAILWAYS Lines that Run Above City Streets

ENGINEERING EQUIPMENT Speeding Up Modern Railroad Construction

ENGINEERING IN NEW ZEALAND - NORTH ISLAND The conquest of nature in the Antipodes

ENGINEERING IN NEW ZEALAND - SOUTH ISLAND Outstanding Achievements in the South Island

EVOLUTION OF COMPOUND LOCOMOTIVES Improvements in Applied Steam Expansion


FAMOUS RAILWAY CENTRES : YORK The Working of an Important Northern Junction

FAMOUS VIADUCTS How the Railway is Carried Across River and Valley

FESTINIOG RAILWAY A Remarkable Narrow Gauge Line in North Wales

FLOODS, FIRE AND EARTHQUAKE The Railway's Unceasing Battle with the Forces of Nature

"FLYING HAMBURGER" Germany's Contribution to Streamline Design

"FLYING SCOTSMAN" An Express that has Earned World-wide Renown for Comfort Combined with Speed

FROM BRITTANY TO THE RHINE Three Great French Trunk Railways

FROM IRON ORE TO STEEL RAIL The Manufacture of Modem Railway Lines

GATEWAY TO BRAZIL The Trunk Line that Climbs a Precipice

GERMANY AND HOLLAND The Railway Systems of Two Progressive Countries

"GLACIER EXPRESS", THE A Journey Through the Heart of Switzerland

GOLD COAST, THE A Railway Through the African Jungle

"GOLDEN ARROW" London's Link with Europe and the Orient

GREAT APENNINE TUNNEL Engineering Marvels of the Bologna-Florence "Direttissima" Route

GREAT NORTH ROAD OF STEEL An Epic Story of the Courage and Endurance that built Britain's Highway to Scotland

GREAT ST. GOTHARD How Switzerland's Wonder-Line Threads its Way through the Alps

GROWTH OF LONDON'S TRANSPORT Transport for a Great City

HOW A LOCOMOTIVE IS BUILT A Giant of the Railway Takes Shape

HOW ESCALATORS WORK Speeding Up Modern Passenger Transport

HOW MIGHTY ARE THE "KINGS" The Evolution and Working of the Great Western Railway's most powerful locomotive "King George V"

HILL LINES OF INDIA Construction and Operation of Some Steeply Graded Routes

HIMALAYAN LOOP LINE Remarkable Engineering Devices on an Indian Mountain Railway

IN NORTHERN AFRICA The Railways of Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria

INDUSTRIAL RAILWAYS The Operation of Two Small but Remarkable Systems

INDUSTRIAL RAILWAYS 2 Important Private Lines in Great Britain

IRELAND'S RAILWAY SYSTEM From small beginnings to great achievements

ISLAND RAILWAYS Self-contained Systems of Unusual Interest

ITALY'S CHILLED FREIGHT The Wonders of Refrigerated Railway Transport

JAPANESE CABLE RAILWAY, A Climbing to the Summit of Mount Rokko San

LABOUR- AND TIME-SAVING TRACK-LAYER AND ITS WORK By F. A. Talbot A Wonderful Machine for Laying Railways along Great Distances

LAPLAND'S ARCTIC RAILWAY Beyond the Arctic Circle in Sweden, engineers have built a railway to open up a valuable natural deposit of iron ore, and Nature has been harnessed to supply the power for the railway.

LOCOMOTIVE GIANTS - 1 By F. A. Talbot Showing the Development of the Huge American Locomotives

LOCOMOTIVE SPEED RECORDS Some Famous Runs of the Past

LOCOMOTIVE TYPES The Classification of Engines

LOCOMOTIVE VALVE GEARS The Control of Steam in a Railway Engine


LONDON'S FIRST RAILWAYS The Forerunners of a Vast Network

MAGIC OF MODERN SIGNALS - 1 New Electrical Devices ensure Safety and Speed

MAGIC OF MODERN SIGNALS - 2 Controlling Speed and Direction of Trains by Electricity

MAGIC OF THE ANDES Climbing Through the Clouds in South America

MAIN LINES OF BRAZIL Developing One of the World's Largest Countries

MILAN CENTRAL STATION Behind the Scenes of the Largest Station in Europe

MINIATURE RAILWAYS The Fascination of Lilliputian Lines at Home and Abroad

MIXED TRAFFIC LOCOMOTIVES Tender and Tank Engines for Freight and General Service

MODEL RAILWAYS Extensive Organizations that are Run in Miniature

MODEL RAILWAYS - 2 Details of Some Miniature Lines

MODERN LOCOMOTIVES Some Representative Designs from all over the World

MODERN PASSENGER ROLLING STOCK Luxury and Comfort in To-day's Rail Transport

MODERN TRANSPORT IN INDIA A System that Serves More than 350,000,000 People

MOSCOW'S UNDERGROUND Russia's Capital Solves Its Transport Problem

NEW AND NOVEL ARTICULATED LOCOMOTIVE By F. A. Talbot An Ingeniously Constructed Engine Which May Mark a New Era in Locomotive Design

NEW ITALIAN CABLEWAYS Conquering the Heights by Aerial Transport

NEW YORK'S LIFE-LINE An All-Freight Service Above City Streets

NIGERIA AND SIERRA LEONE The Influence of the Railway in West Africa

NORTH AMERICAN RAILROADS Vast Systems which Span a Continent

"ORIENT EXPRESS" Across Europe from London to Istambul

OUT TO SEA BY TRAIN How a Railway was Carried over a Hundred Miles across the Waters of the Mexican Gulf

OVER RIVER AND LAKE Railways that Span the World's Waterways

PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD A Giant System that Operates 30,000 Miles of Track

PERMANENT WAY Construction and Maintenance of the Railroad

PERTH GENERAL STATION The Hub of the Scottish Main Lines

PIONEERING IN NYASALAND An Important Link with the East African Coast

POLAND'S MAIN LINES A New Country Creates an Important Railway System

POWER FOR LONDON'S TRANSPORT A Generating Station for the Supply of Electricity

POWER PRODUCTION IN THE ALPS Supplying Electricity to the Swiss Lines

PROGRESS IN RHODESIA An Important System in the Heart of Africa

RACK RAIL LOCOMOTIVES Carrying Trains Over Mountainous Gradients

RAIL-CARS OF FRANCE Lightweight Expresses Evolved by French Engineers

RAIL-CARS ON RUBBER TYRES Modem Methods that Seek to Overcome the Noise Problem

RAILROADS OF JAPAN Steel Highways in the Land of the Rising Sun

RAILROADS OF NORWAY Bold Engineering in the Land of the Midnight Sun

RAILWAY ARCHITECTURE Designs That Combine Elegance and Utility

RAILWAY CARRIAGE, THE From Wooden Chariot to All-Steel Pullman

RAILWAY CLEARING HOUSE Checking Rail Transport Revenue

RAILWAY INVASION OF THE GOLD COAST By F. A. Talbot How the Sekondi-Coomassie Railway was Driven Through the Primeval Forests

RAILWAY TAKES ALL Special Rolling Stock Must Carry the Strangest Loads

RAILWAYS' DAILY WORK, THE Widespread Activities of Four Great Companies

RAILWAYS IN THE NILE VALLEY Train Operation in Modern Egypt

RAILWAYS OF CALEDONIA The Steel Highway in Beautiful Scotland

RAILWAYS UNDER LONDON Driving Iron Tubes Far Below the Streets of the Metropolis

ROLLING STOCK CONSTRUCTION Special Methods Adopted to Meet Modem Demands

ROMANCE OF A STATION Some Sidelights on the Many Problems of Administration

ROMANCE OF THE L.N.E.R. From the World's First Steam Railway to the "Flying Scotsman"

ROMANCE OF THE RAILWAY TICKET The Story Behind the Slip of Pasteboard

"ROYAL SCOT" ROUTE The Northward Journey of a Famous British Express

ROYAL TRAINS The Historical Interest of Special Transport Provided for Royalty

RUSSIA AND SIBERIA A Century of Progress in Rail Transport

SANTA FE "CHIEF" A Journey of 2,228 Miles across the United States

SCALING THE RAMPARTS OF BRAZIL The Sao Paulo Railway, which climbs the Serra do Mar and rises to a height of 2,625 feet in five miles, links the great plateau of Brazil with the South Atlantic Ocean. The cliffs are scaled by one of the most spectacular cable railway systems in the world.

SCOTTISH DISTRICT SUBWAY Glasgow's Unique Underground Railways

SCOTTISH MOUNTAIN RAILWAYS Fascinating Routes Through the Lovely Highlands

SEEN FROM THE TRAIN The Meaning of Familiar Objects along the Track

SEVERN TUNNEL One of the Longest Underwater Tunnels in the World

SLIP COACHES Dividing Express Trains at Speed

SOLVING THE SMOKE PROBLEM A Novel Aspect of Railway Engine Designing

SOME ELECTRIC GIANTS OF EUROPE by F. A. Talbot The Development of Electric Power has led to the Production off some Wonderful Electrically Driven Locomotives.

SOME GERMAN ACHIEVEMENTS Outstanding Developments in Railway Transport

SORTING GOODS WAGONS The Fascinating Story of Whitemoor Marshalling Yards, where Goods Wagons are Swiftly and Automatically made up into New Trains


SPECIAL PASSENGER TRAFFIC How the Railways Handle Emergencies and Seasonal Crowds

SPEED TRAINS OF BRITAIN Main Line Stretches Where the Fastest Runs are Made

SPEED TRAINS OF EUROPE Routes and Records of Some Prominent Continental Expresses

SPEED TRAINS OF JAVA The World's Fastest Narrow-Gauge Trains

SPEED TRAINS OF NORTH AMERICA Fifteen Thousand Miles a Day Scheduled at Sixty Miles an Hour

SPENDING MILLIONS TO SAVE MINUTES by F. A. Talbot Many Great Railways in Different Parts of the World have had to be reconstructed to meet Modern Requirements

STATE LINES OF LATVIA Growth of a Modem European System

STATIONS AND THEIR STORY Stopping Places of Unusual Interest

STOPPING THE TRAIN The Working of the Westinghouse Automatic Air-Brake

STORY OF THE G.W.R. Over 9,000 Miles of Track Developed in a Century

STORY OF THE L.M.S. Nation-Wide Ramifications of Britain's Largest System

STORY OF THE LOCOMOTIVE - 1 A Fascinating Record of Railway Engine Progress over a Century

STORY OF THE LOCOMOTIVE - 2 The Development of the Railway Engine after the Rainhill Trials

STORY OF THE LOCOMOTIVE - 3 Developments During the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century

STORY OF THE SOUTHERN RAILWAY London's Link with the South Coast

TANK ENGINES Design and Development of the Railway "Maids-of-all-Work"

"TAURUS EXPRESS" A Romantic Journey through Asia Minor

TESTING A LOCOMOTIVE How the Efficiency of a Modern Railway Engine is Proved

TELESCOPIC DOUBLE-LIFT BRIDGE By F. A. Talbot An Ingenious Engineering Development to Cope with Railway, Shipping and Vehicular Traffic

THREE JOINT RAILWAYS Combined Enterprises in the East, North-West, and South of England

THROUGH DESERT AND JUNGLE From the Nile to Mombasa

THROUGH THE OLD YORK MUSEUM A Fascinating Record of More than a Century of Railway Progress

TICKET AND CHANGE MACHINES Mechanical Aids that Speed-up Travel

TIME TABLES Early and Modern Guides to Link the Railway Services

TRACK'S HEAVY ARTILLERY, THE Necessity has Forced Invention to Overcome Forbidding Obstacles of Nature

"TRAIN FERRIES" Some Remarkable Examples of Trans-ocean Transport

"TRANS-CANADA LIMITED" Across Prairie and Mountain Ranges—from Montreal to Vancouver

"TRANS SIBERIAN EXPRESS" From Europe to the Far East by the World's most Cosmopolitan Train

TRAVEL IN AUSTRALIA Southern Systems of a Vast Continent

TRAVELLING BY TRAIN IN CHINA Notable Rail Developments in the Far East

TRAVELLING POST OFFICES Handling His Majesty's Mails at Seventy Miles an Hour

TUNNELLING AGAINST TIME The Wonderful Story of America's Eight-Mile Tunnel through the Cascade Mountains


"ULSTER EXPRESS" Royal Mail Service between London and Northern Ireland

UNCONVENTIONAL LOCOMOTIVES Some Notable Examples of Unorthodox Construction

UNDERGROUND AND OVERHEAD LINES Important Railways which Serve Foreign Cities

UNION PACIFIC STREAMLINED EXPRESS Flying on land from the Atlantic Coast to the Pacific Coast

VACUUM AUTOMATIC BRAKE, THE Stopping Trains by Atmospheric Pressure

WHEN RAILWAYS WERE NEW The Struggle Against Prejudice and Superstition

WORLD’S MOST FAMOUS RAILWAY By F. A. Talbot How the London and North Western Line Was Founded and has Developed

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