'Pages de Gloire'


an Illustrated French Newsmagazine

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'Pages de Gloire' (Pages of Glory) was a small, inexpensive and cheaply printed weekly French magazine. It was not as much a news magazine as a morale booster, for it featured little in the way of reporting on specific events or happenings. Rather the contents was meant to be patriotically inspiring, instilling the reader with admiration or compassion for French soldiers and officers, while at the same time poking a bit of good-natured fun at the rigours of army life. The magazine featured a preponderance of photographs, with scenes of life at the front and behind the lines. There were also serialized novels, small articles on modern technology in warfare, a page of sharp and nasty anti-German cartoons, photographs of fallen and decorated French soldiers along with short items on the war and the odd poem and hand-drawn illustration, usually somewhat theatrically old-fashioned in style.

In spite of all these obvious shortcomings on the path to journalistic excellance, 'Pages de Gloire' features an interesting collection of images that are not to be found in other French publications.


left : distributing the tobacco ration
right : a sad task - making crosses for graves of fallen soldiers



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