French Children at War



'Les Trois Couleurs'

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Left : A six year old French hero

Right : How a Twelve Year Old Boy Fooled the Germans


'Les Trois Couleurs' (the Three Colors - blue, white and red of the tricolor) was a French children's weekly magazine. It was published from December 1914 through to the end of the war in 1918, and featured comics strips, cartoons, (very improbable) short stories, puzzles etc. It's main theme was of exalted patriotism in all shapes and forms, sometimes far exceeding the boundries of acceptable norms and civilized behavior, even for the long gone days of 1914. It was in any case a very colorful and well published magazine, abundantly illustrated.

Here are a few representative illustrations and short illustrated stories.





Another Brave Boy Scout Story


In this version, the Boy Scout is only beaten, not shot for refusing to give information to the Germans


see also : 'Les Trois Couleurs : Cover Pages'