'Le Flambeau'


a Stylish French Magazine


'Le Flambeau' (the Torch), was founded in the summer of 1915 and was edited as a supplement to the French daily newspaper 'le Matin'. It was a stylish and tasteful magazine obviously intended for the better classes. It provided a goodly amount of war news, though in general terms rather than giving specific details about battles or campaigns. Photographs were always of the best artistic quality in terms of presentation and appearance, even if 'le Flambeau' like all good French patriotic publications, positively delighted in printing views of German corpses and grisly battlefield scenes as as well more light-hearted photos of poilus in the trenches.

This seemed to be the accepted way of doing things at the time, even when large parts of the magazine were devoted to more feminine subjects such as the latest fashions. 'Le Flambeau' also printed short litterary pieces, preferably patriotically inspired and overly sentimental, as well as articles on the theater, the performing arts, full-page cartoons by well-known artists and every now and then a special print on heavy duty stock, suitable for framing. All in all it was a somewhat eclectic and elegant magazine, both in terms of illustrative matter as well as of general content.

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several artistic and stylish front covers



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