'Les Annales'


a Literary and Political Magazine

left : gas attack
right : French firing a trench-mortar

left : standing guard while companions read a poem
right : the Blue Devils - Chasseurs Alpins French mountain troops

the covers were filled with allegorical and heroic subject matter galore


'Les Annales' was a magazine of 32 years standing when war broke out in 1914. Ordinarily a publication offering a varied number of articles on literary, artistic and political matters, it became a patriotic French publication of the first order during the war years. The covers were usually done on commission by a number of talented artists. Inside a number of text articles, sometimes by well-known writers and personalities were to be found, as well as a collection of interesting photographs dealing with both light-hearted and grim subject matter. Famous illustrators such as Frans Masereel, Touchet and Hansi were regular contributors.

*see also coverpages from 'les Annales' by Lucien Jonas



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