'la Guerre Mondiale'


a Neutral Magazine


'La Guerre Mondiale' (the World War) was a French language quasi-daily bulletin published in Switzerland. It was not really a newspaper since it was much smaller and contained far more illustrations than newspapers did at that time. nor was it really a magazine either. It was published every day except Sundays and holidays starting on September 1st, 1914, with publication going on till the end of the war in 1918, with a grand total of 1117 separate issues adding up to more than 8886 pages all told.

Each issue was 8 pages and contained mainly official communiqués of all the warring nations, at times those of such minor powers as Bulgaria, Japan, Roumania and others. Each issue also contained several photographs or illustrations as well as an updated map of both the Western Front as well as of the Eastern Front. All in all 'la Guerre Mondiale' contains a wealth of information, especially since the magazine was published in neutral Switzerland. It must however be stated that even though published in a neutral country, the magazine was quite openly pro-French in sentiments. Photographic material was obviously chosen to put the Western Allies in a favorable light and the editor, Jean Debrit, published several books in France during the war, all more or less endorsing French views of the war.

But since 'la Guerre Mondiale' was published outside of France, it was a more reliable source of information than many French publications which were subjected to the unfathomable whims and whams of official French censorship.



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