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Period I
-- 1775
Period II
1776 -1843
Period III
Period IV
Period V
Period VI
1961 --


-- 1775

lenape_tn.jpg (2502 bytes)

"Lenape Birthing Practices, " ca. 1000 to 1650, an illustration of a menstrual hut and other Lenape practices.

lenape2_tn.jpg (2496 bytes) WIDTH=

Lenape Pottery Making, ca. 1000 to 1650, a modern drawing depicting Lenape women making pottery.

kiersted_tn.jpg (9737 bytes)

"Sarah Kiersted," 17th century, a 1936 painting of Kiersted with Chief Oratam.

The Schuyler Patent, map by William Bond, 1710.
1776 - 1843

 Oil portrait of Jannetje Vrelandt Drummond, 1776.

Engraving of �Washington's Reception on the Bridge at
Trenton,� 1789.

"Women at the Polls in New Jersey;" a newspaper engraving from 1880 picturing women voting in 1797.

lee_tn.jpg (3222 bytes)

Jarena Lee (1783-unknown), the first known woman preacher in the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

Hannah Kinney's Records of the Newark Female Charitable Society, 1803-1804.

  Portrait of a scrubwoman, by Baroness Hyde de Neuville, 1822.

  Charlotte Bonaparte�s depiction of Lebanon, New Jersey, 1824.

 Portrait of Hanna Hoyt, a noted educator, 1837.

"Esther Saunders," pencil sketch by Anne H. Denn, c.1840.

dix_tn.jpg (2636 bytes)

Dorothea Lynde Dix (1802-1887), an internationally celebrated reformer of care for the mentally ill.

Carrie Cook Sanborn, nineteenth century Quaker, artist, head
of the Cedars Art Colony, Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey, 1844.

The Lincoln Children, a portrait painted by Susan Waters in 1845.

bartonschool_tn.jpg (6912 bytes)

The Clara Barton School, Bordentown, from a postcard c.1920. 

Eagleswood House at the Raritan Bay Union, 1858.

xavier_tn.jpg (2685 bytes)

Mother Mary Xavier Mehegan (1825-1915), Roman Catholic religious, educator, and founder of the Sisters of Charity of New Jersey.

tn_apblackwell.gif (2199 bytes) background=

Antoinette Brown Blackwell, suffragist, ca. 1917.

harland_tn.jpg (2544 bytes)

Mary Virginia Hawes Terhune (1830-1922), a novelist and writer on household management was known to readers by her pen name, "Marion Harland."

 Opheleton Seminary for Young Ladies; Plainfield, 1860.

 Lily Martin Spencer (1822-1902) painting, "War Spirit at Home," one of the most popular paintings of the mid-9th century,1866.

tn_cranberrypickers.gif (2957 bytes)

Cranberry Bog, Ocean County - Pickers at Work; a Newspaper illustration from Harper's Weekly, November 10, 1878.

strawberry_tn.gif (7346 bytes)

Strawberry Fields, Burlington County,1869, a Harper's Weekly newspaper illustration.

thread_tn.gif (4438 bytes)

Women cotton thread workers, c. 1890, an engraving of workers at the Clark Thread Company, Kearney.

canalworkers_tn.gif (2781 bytes)

Morris Canal Workers, 1885, an illustration from Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper.

1880 - 1920

oakley_tn.jpg (2582 bytes)

Annie Oakley (1860-1926), expert sharpshooter and star of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show.

evelyn_tn.jpg (3772 bytes)

Evelyn College, c.1890, a photograph of students.

A mural, Unity, created by Violet Oakley, which decorates the
Senate chamber of the Pennsylvania State Capitol, 1900.

prudential_tn.gif (4268 bytes)

Women Insurance Workers, Newark, 1895, a photograph of policy writers at Prudential Insurance Company.

tn_mphilbrook.gif (1703 bytes)

Mary Philbrook (1872-1958) became the first New Jersey woman lawyer to gain admittance to the bar in 1895 as a result of an enabling act of the New Jersey legislature.

moore_tn.jpg (6051 bytes)

"Bessie" Holmes Moore (1875-1959), a photograph from an 1892 issue of Harper's Young People Magazine.

hobart_tn.gif (5324 bytes)

Jennie Tuttle Hobart (1849-1941), ca. 1897, when she was Second Lady of the nation during the first administration of William McKinley.

st.elizabeth-tn.jpg (4483 bytes)

College of St. Elizabeth, 1903, a photograph of the first graduating class.

 Headquarters of the Newark Female Charitable Society, 305 Halsey Street, Newark.

tn_j.cushing.gif (2856 bytes)

Juliet Clannon Cushing, advocate of protective labor legislation for women.

maass_tn.jpg (2317 bytes)

Clara Louise Maass (1876-1901), heroic nurse who lost her life in the battle to eradicate yellow fever.

tn_pillaroffire.gif (3175 bytes)

Pillar of Fire, 1914 November 25,  the cover of the church publication picturing a group of women missionaries.

ramsey_tn.jpg (2433 bytes)

Alice Huyler Ramsey (1886-1983), a pioneer endurance automobile racer.

tn_basketball.gif (2504 bytes)

Ridgewood High School Women's Basketball Team, 1909.

workers_gym_tn.jpg (5486 bytes)

Working Women's Gymnastic Club, 1907, a Paterson women silk workers' athletic club.

botto_tn.jpg (2409 bytes)

Marietta Boggio Botto and her family, ca. 1910.

lffeickert_tn.gif (1940 bytes)

Lillian Ford Feickert (1877-1945), president of the New Jersey Woman Suffrage Association, 1912-1920.

Logo of the Women's Political Union of New Jersey, 1912.

tn_silkworkers.gif (3751 bytes)

Women Silk Workers, Paterson, 1913.

  Suffragist Mina C. Van Winkle, 1915.

 Suffragist petitioning a New Jersey canal worker, photograph, 1915.

 Suffragist poll watcher during the 1915 New Jersey referendum.

Whittier House Playground for children, 1915.

 Whittier House Kindergarten Class, 1915.

"Don�t Forget the Band Concert," photo of suffrage campaign band,1915.
 "Passing the Suffrage Torch," photo of suffrage campaign event, 1915.

 Women baseball players advertise woman suffrage, photograph.

"Well, Boys, we saved the home, " political cartoon.

tn_l.gilbreth.gif (2974 bytes)

Lillian Moller Gilbreth (1878-1972), an expert in scientific management.

paul2_tn.jpg (5519 bytes)

Alice Paul at National Woman's Party headquarters, c. 1917.

paul_tn.jpg (6420 bytes)

Alice Paul (1885-1979) of Moorestown, militant suffragist.

 Suffragists working to raise money for Liberty Bonds, photograph, 1917.

 Julia Hurlbut of Morristown (1882 - 1962), suffragist and relief worker, photograph 1918.

white_tn.jpg (2626 bytes)

Elizabeth Coleman White (1871-1954), developer of the nation's first cultivated blueberry.

 Delivery room at the Newark Maternity Hospital, photograph, 1917.

 "On the Way to the Nightshift," 1920.

"Day Rest after Night in the Mill," 1920.

tn_womanjury.gif (2340 bytes)

Jury of Women, Newark, 1920.

douglass_tn.jpg (3572 bytes)

Douglass College Students, c. 1925.

A promotional poster advertising a performance by Ruth St. Denis (1879-1968), innovative dancer and choreographer, 1920.
1921 - 1960

parker_tn.jpg (2781 bytes)

Nellie Morrow Parker (1902-), the first African American school teacher in Bergen County.

tn_nightwork2.gif (1939 bytes)

The New Jersey Republican, April 1923,  a cover photo of Juliet Clannon Cushing (1845-1934)  being congratulated for the passage of the night work bill.

Elsie Driggs, a resident of Lambertville, New Jersey was the only woman artist who participated in the Precisionist Movement in American art, 1927.

randolph_tn.jpg (5522 bytes)

The front page of the New Jersey State Federation News, the newspaper of the NJ State Federation of Colored Women's Clubs, with photograph of  Florence Spearing Randolph (1866-1951), its founder,1927.

 Whittier House Cooking Class, 1928.
Domestic science class, New Jersey State Manual Training and Industrial School for Colored Youth, photograph, 1932.

New Jersey Organization of Teachers of Colored Children, 1932.

katzenbach_tn.jpg (11041 bytes)

Marie Hilson Katzenbach, (1882-1970), an advocate for education in New Jersey.

 American abstract painter, Suzy Frelinghuysen (1911-1988),

tn_ladiesof80.gif (3257 bytes)

Mary Norton and the Women of the 80th Congress, 1947.

woolen_tn.jpg (3352 bytes)

Striking Woolen Workers, Passaic, 1926, a photo of three young women strikers and a police officer.
childstrikers_tn.jpg (4391 bytes) Strikers' Children's Kitchen, Passaic, 1926. Photograph of children outside a relief kitchen during the Passaic woolen strike.

egg_tn.jpg (5389 bytes)

Eleanor Egg (1909-  ), a pioneer woman athlete.

fauset_tn.jpg (2888 bytes)

Jessie Redmon Fauset (1882-1961), novelist and journalist.

radiumDial_tn.jpg (5229 bytes)

Watch Dial Painters, c. 1922-1923, a photograph of workers at the U.S. Radium Corporation in Orange.

finkler_tn.jpg (2821 bytes)

Rita Sapiro Finkler (1888-1968), path-breaking physician and pioneering endocrinologist.

tn_mroebling.gif (1561 bytes)

Mary Roebling (1905-1994), a reprint of the article " Banker in High Heels" from the Greater Philadelphia Magazine, July 1952.

childfarmworker2_tn.jpg (3007 bytes)

Child Labor on New Jersey Farms, 1940.

cross_tn.jpg (2270 bytes)

Dorothy Cross (1906-1974), an expert on the Delaware Indians and New Jersey archeology. Photographed here in 1937.

wright-tn.jpg (2674 bytes)

Marion Thompson Wright (1902-1962), an African-American historian and teacher.

victorygradens_tn.gif (4471 bytes)

Buying Victory Garden Seed, c.1943.

Marion Hankins, a member of a WWII aircraft riveting team, c.1943.

destroyer_tn.gif (4187 bytes)

Women workers at the Federal Shipyard, Newark, 1943, sewing safety nets on a destroyer escort.

streeter_tn.jpg (3723 bytes)

Ruth Cheney Streeter (1895-1990), the first director of the United States Marine Corps Women's Reserve, in military uniform, 1943.

wac_tn.gif (4453 bytes)

Women in the U. S. Army, 1944, a photograph of WACs at Fort Hancock.

nagao_tn.jpg (4090 bytes)

Mary Yamashita Nagao, 1920-1985. Photograph at Manzanar Relocation Center, c 1943.

hancock_tn.jpg (3887 bytes)

Joy Bright Hancock (1898-1986), a  military portrait, ca. 1945, showing Hancock in her WAVES officers uniform.

tn_classroom.gif background=

Racially Integrated Classroom, Berlin Township, 1952.

Gonzalez_tn.jpg (2693 bytes)

Alberta Gonzalez (1914-1996), a migrant farm worker and labor leader.

tn_flodwyer.gif (1410 bytes)

Florence Price Dwyer (1902-1976), a campaign flyer illustrating the techniques she used to appeal to voters, 1956.

Eagleton_tn.jpg (2774 bytes)

Florence Peshine Eagleton, (1870-1953), the first woman to serve as a trustee of Rutgers University.

foodrelief_tn.jpg (3132 bytes)

Food Relief for Striking Westinghouse Workers, 1956. A photograph of women collecting groceries for strikers.

eldridge_tn.jpg (5170 bytes)

Dorothy Daggett Eldridge, (1903-1986), the founder of the New Jersey Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy.

1961 --

edwards_tn.jpg (3077 bytes)

Lena Frances Edwards, MD (1900 -1986), physician and presidential Medal of Freedom honoree.

Dionne Warwick and the composer Burt Bacharach have collaborated on numerous Grammy Award-winning songs.

Hughes_tn.jpg (2713 bytes)

Mildred Barry Hughes (1902-1995), the first woman elected to the New Jersey Senate, 1965.

felician_tn.jpg (11191 bytes)

Science students at Felician College, 1968.

march_tn.jpg (7604 bytes)

"Women’s March for Equality," August 26, 1970, a photograph of marchers at the Garden State Plaza, Paramus.

co-ed2_tn.jpg (3304 bytes)

Male and Female Students at Rutgers College, 1972.

annklein_tn.gif (3509 bytes)

Ann Rosensweig Klein (1923-1986), ran a gubernatorial candidate in the Democratic primary in 1972.

tn_mfenwich.gif (2748 bytes)background=

Millicent Hammond Fenwick (1910-1992), United States Congresswoman, ca. 1982.

meyner2_tn.jpg (5429 bytes)

Helen S. Meyner (1928-1997), Congresswoman from Phillipsburg,  meeting constituents, 1970s.

Joyce Carol Oates, noted novelist and essayist, began teaching creative writing at Princeton University in 1978.
burgio_tn.gif (3046 bytes) Jane Grey Burgio, 1981, New Jersey's first female secretary of state.
Oscar- winning actress Celeste Holm (1919- ) has had a long and productive career in theatre motion pictures and television.

�Arnetha as a child while living in Newark,� photograph by Helen    Stummer, 1985.
morheusertn.jpg (11973 bytes)  

Marilyn J. Morheuser (1924-1995), an influential litigator of public school finance issues.


garibaldi_tn.jpg (8632 bytes)

Hon. Marie L. Garibaldi (1934- ), the first woman to serve as a New Jersey Supreme Court Judge.

whitman_tn.gif (2870 bytes)

Christine Todd Whitmann (1946- ).  Campaign flyer, "Christie Whitman’s Blueprint for a Better Education," 1993.

Grace Hartigan, abstract expressionist, 1995.

Toni Morrison,1993 Noble Prize in Literature and 1998 Pulitzer Prize winning author, 2000.

  Portrait of Bernarda Bryson Shahn, at 99, by Mel Leipzig.

�Goddea, Tea Time on Good Friday," photograph by Helen Stummer, 2001.

The cover of the eighth novel of best-selling mystery writer Janet Evanovich, 2002.

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