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The text search engine will display a weighted list of matching documents, with better matches shown first. Each list item is a link to a matching document; if the document has a title it will be shown, otherwise only the document's file name is displayed. A brief explanation of the query language is available, along with examples.

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Query Language

The text search engine allows queries to be formed from arbitrary Boolean expressions containing the keywords AND, OR, and NOT, and grouped with parentheses. For example:

Suffrage Act
finds documents containing 'Suffrage Act'

Suffrage or Act
finds documents containing 'Suffrage' or 'Act'

Suffrage and Act
finds documents containing both 'Suffrage' and 'Act'

Suffrage not Act
finds documents containing 'Suffrage' but not 'Act'

(Peace not war) and women
finds documents containing 'women', plus 'peace' but not 'war'

finds documents containing words starting with 'basket'

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