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NEW JERSEY WOMEN'S HISTORY is a resource for students, teachers, and all interested people who want to know more about the history of women in New Jersey.  Because New Jersey women's history is a young field, it is constantly growing and changing.  This web site will do the same, so it can keep up with new information and research and update existing information. 

This website was created by the Women's Project of New Jersey (WPNJ) in collaboration with the Margery Somers Foster CenterSpecial Collections/Archives, the Scholarly Communications Center at Rutgers University Libraries in New Brunswick, the Alice Paul Institute, and the New Jersey Historical Society in Newark.  Portions of this site have been underwritten by  Special Projects Grants from the New Jersey Historical Commission, a division of Cultural Affairs in the Department of State. 

The contents of this site are for educational and non-commercial use only.  (See terms and conditions)

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