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The following list of selected materials on women in New Jersey is an update and supplement to an essential source: New Jersey Women, 1770-1970: A Bibliography by Elizabeth Steiner-Scott and Elizabeth Pearce Wagle. Published in 1978 by Fairleigh Dickinson Press, it is the best place to begin a search for New Jersey women's topics.

The present bibliography includes items published after 1970 and a few before 1970 that were omitted from the Steiner-Scott and Wagle book. Our primary goal is to locate magazine and journal articles written since 1970 specifically on New Jersey women. This is a work-in-progress. More books, articles, government documents, and dissertations will be added as sources are identified. Users are invited to submit additional citations.

This bibliography is compiled by Patricia A. Beaber, Roscoe L. West Library, The College of New Jersey.  Updated, April 30, 2003 

Copyright 2001, The Women's Project of New Jersey, Inc.

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Associations and Clubs


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Biography, Collected

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Communitarian Experiments

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Health Care

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Health Reform


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