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Ancient and Medieval Civilization

Ancient Library. Embryonic project to create the greatest classics and ancient history site ever. Seriously. Check it out. new

The Oracle of Delphi and Ancient Oracles. Delphi, Didyma, Dodona and other ancient oracles. new

Cleopatra on the Web. Everything about Cleopatra VII, the great Egyptian queen. Includes over 168 images.

Genghis Khan on the Web. Over 275 resources about Genghis Khan, the great Mongol conqueror.

Judas Maccabeus on the Web Judas Maccabeus (Judah Maccabee), the great Jewish warrior and his times. Includes thumbnail pictures.

Alexander the Great on the Web. 1,000 links to sites pertaining to the Macedonian conqueror

Ancient Astrology and Divination on the Web. Sober, kook-free information about ancient astrology and divination

The Complete Petra. Images and text relating to the "lost" city of Petra in southern Jordan.

Hieroglyphics! Guide to anything anyone ever wanted to know about Egyptian hieroglyphics (hieroglyphs).

Herodotus on the Web. Guide to the over 200 resources pertaining to the Greek historian Herodotus of Halicarnassus.

Justinian, Theodora and Procopius. About 6th-century Byzantium and its greatest historian.

Vinlanda: Vinland and the Vinland Map. Links on the so-called Vinland Map and Viking activity in North America

Small Classical Subjects including comprehensive sites on Mithridates, Alexander the False Prophet, Hanno's Periplus, Aristotle's Poetics, and Xenophon's Cyropaedia (Education of Cyrus).

Images of Alexander. Thumbnails of and links to 200 images of the Macedonian conqueror. Covers antiquity to the present day.

The Hellenistic World on the Web. A guide and web directory to the history and culture of the Hellenistic world. Currently under development.

Gouden Hoorn (Golden Horn), Journal of Byzantium, Edited by Annabelle Parker and André de Raaij.


Termessos on the Web. All about Termessos (Termessus), the great "lost" city of Turkish Pisida, near Antalya. Includes thumbnails. new

Sintra on the Web. Discover the beguiling Portuguese town of Sintra, haunt of Byron, William Beckford, and the Portuguese royalty. new

Evora, Portugal on the Web. All about the medieval city of the Alentejo region of Portugal. new

Machu Picchu on the Web. Covers the "lost" city of Machu Picchu in Peru, built by the Incas and discovered by Hiram Bingham in 1911. new

Alanya, Turkey on the Web. Everything about my favorite town.

The Istanbul Mosaic Museum on the Web. Guide and gallery to this wonderful museum, also called the Great Palace Museum.

The Sumela Monastery on the Web. Images and information about the Sumela Monastery, above Trabzon, Turkey.

Great Art

Mona Lisa on the Web. Everything about the Mona Lisa, with over 475 parodies, take-offs and other versions.


Awful Green Things. The ultimate page on Tom Wham's great pocket game.

Middle Eastern and African Civilization

Sundiata and Mansa Musa on the Web. All about the Empire of Mali and its two most famous kings.

Ibn Battuta on the Web. Resources on the great 14th century Muslim geographer.

Ibn Khaldun on the Web. Everything about the great 14th century Arab historian and philosopher of history.

Sir Richard Burton on the Web. Everything about the great Victorian explorer, translator, rogue and bon vivant.

Check out my new site the Wiki Classical Dictionary. Geared to scholars, serious students and obsessed amateurs, the WCD can be edited by anyone, anytime. It just started, so there's a lot to do! Come on in!

American History

Andrew Jackson on the Web. Everything about "Old Hickory," President Andrew Jackson, and his times.

The Battle of the Bulge on the Web. Everything about the Battle of the Bulge ("Ardennes Offensive"). new

D-Day on the Web. Comprehensive guide and web directory to the Normandy Landings (aka "Operation OVERLORD"), including 32 personal stories and an extensive subsection on Saving Private Ryan.

Alexander Hamilton on the Web. Comprehensive information on Alexander Hamilton, soldier, first Secretary of the Treasury and author of the Federalist Papers

Duels and Dueling on the Web. Over 175 links related to sword and pistol dueling in Europe and the Americas.

Modern European History

The Battle of Kursk on the Web. Web pages and photographs from the greatest tank battle in history.

Rob Roy on the Web. Scottish hero Rob Roy MacGregor (1671-1734) and his image in literature and film.

Duels and Dueling on the Web. Over 175 links related to sword and pistol dueling in Europe and the Americas.

Hernando Cortes on the Web. Everything about the Conqueror of Mexico, the Spanish explorer Hernando (of Hernán) Cortés (1485–1547).


Hammerhead Shark! Complete guide to hammerheads, with a picture gallery.

Giraffe Central. Two-hundred sites about the world's largest land animal. Includes an excellent "thumbnails" section.

Flying Squirrel Central. All about the flying squirrels of North America, Europe and Asia.

Seahorse and Sea Dragon Central. Over 200 sites about seahorses, and the weedy and leafy sea dragons.

Komodo Dragon Central. Facts and images on the largest lizard species on earth, the Komodo dragon of Indonesia.

Echidna Central. All about the egg-laying mammal, the echidna of Australia and New Guinea.

Mythical Beasts

Dragons in Art and on the Web. Almost 1,800 resources about dragons, including 1,470 pictures, dragons in literature, legend and movies. new

Griffins on the Web. A sort of "history of art through griffins" (aka. Gryphons, Griffons), with over 525 images, and 200 site reviews. new

Mermaids on the Web. 1,650 resources on mermaids and their relatives, including over 1,000 images.


The Queen of Sheba. 170 websites and 150 pictures of the mysterious, remarkable Queen of Sheba. new

Jonah on the Web. Guide to the over 350 resources about Jonah and the whale / fish, in art, religion and culture. new

Noah's Ark on the Web. Guide to the over 450 resources about Noah's Ark in art, culture and religion. new

Angels on the Web. Angels in theology, culture and art. Includes over 550 images.

Orthodoxy and Catholicism. A comprehensive, impartial set of resources about relations between the Catholic and Orthodox churches.

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