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Cleopatra on the Web

This site holds more than 580 resources about Cleopatra, the famous queen of Egypt—sorted, annotated and discussed. It includes biographies, of course, and ancient sources, and other historical material. But it also includes hundreds of links on Cleopatra in movies, literature in art. It represents everything I can find of any value, but it can never be finished.

New: On 6/10/05 I added 110 new pictures!

Some highlights

Start by reading one of the Web Biographies or read reviews of the major Paper Biographies. The Hot Topics includes Was Cleopatra Black?, Was She Good Looking?, and other important issues. And don't forget Ancient Sources.

Cleopatra's charged place in the Western imagination can be seen in Movies, 14-19c. Literature, 20-21c. Literature, and a special page on Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra. The Music section answers the question: "What Rolling Stones song mentions Cleopatra?"

Cleopatra picture galleries (over 260 pictures)

Get involved

This site is large, but still needs work. Know a good site I missed? Find a broken link? Let me know at [email protected].

Finally, add yourself to my Cleopatra list, and get an update when features are added. If you like I can keep you up to date on other ancient sites, such as Alexander the Great on the Web. You'll never get more than one email per month, I promise!

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Enjoy the site!

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