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This site holds 250 resources about Hernando Cortes (1485–1547) the conqueror of Mexico also (and more correctly) known as Hernán Cortés. A hero to some, a villain to as many more, Cortes and his deeds have never failed to raise emotions. If the exploit itself stuns—how a small band of Spanish soldiers arrived in a strange country and swiftly brought about the overthrow of a large and powerful empire—the violence of the act, and the wantonness of the destruction are equally well known.

Web Resources

This site links to 155 web resources. Start with About Cortes covering web biographies and accounts of the conquest of Mexico. The Battle of the Books covers historical efforts from W. H. Prescott on down. Primary Sources covers the source-traditions, from Cortes' self-promoting letters, to a surprisingly rich set of indigenous sources. Personalities covers Cortes' translator and sometime lover "La Malinche," and others. Use and Abuse shows the strong emotions Cortes and his image still engender. Kids and Educators has lesson plans and materials, together with some of my favorite student reports from around the web.

Picture Galleries (95 pictures)

I scoured the web for good images of Cortes. To keep the size of the galleries under control I broke them into portraits, events, maps and contemporary images.

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