Welcome to Echidna Central, a guide and web directory to that astounding monotreme, the echidnas of Australia and New Guinea. On this site you will find over 100 links to zoos, photographs, articles, stuffed animals, and even poems related to the echidna. I am adding more links as I find them.

What is an echidna? The Australian "short-beaked" echidna is small spiked mammal, resembling a hedgehog and sometimes called the "spiky anteater." It lives all over Australia, from snow-capped mountains to deserts. New Guinea's forests holds another two or three species of "long-beaked" echidnas, which are larger and have longer snouts. Together with the platypus, echidnas are the only surviving "monotremes," egg-laying mammals. They represent an odd branch of the mammal family tree, and present an intriguing scientific puzzle.

What information is on this site?

Echidna Info delivers the basic information.

The Echidna Topics page contains information on Conservation, Reproduction, the echidna's monotreme family, a special section on the long-beaked echidna, and more.

Images presents photographs, drawings and video of echidnas.

Zoos with Echidnas lists zoos that have echidnas, and their special echidna pages.

For Younger Kids presents the best pages for the K–6 set, including educators' resources.

Echidna Products highlights stuffed animals and other suchnot.

Inspired by Echnidas showcases echidna poems, art and prose.

Miscellaneous catches the rest, including photographs of British price Harry's prickly echidna encounter.

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