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The Istanbul Mosaic Museum on the Web

Welcome to the unofficial but still comprehensive homepage of the Istanbul Mosaic Museum (Great Palace Museum).

On this site

On this site you will find every useful link I could find about the museum, a gallery of my photographs (the largest on the web), information on other mosaics in Turkey and on ancient mosaics in general.

eagle and snake
donkey and basket-boy
mosaic museum

About the Museum

The Mosaic Museum, in the Sultanahmet area of Istanbul, contains a small yet evocative collection of mosaics, found on the spot by archaeologists looking for remains of the Byzantine imperial palace. Experts believe that they date from the reign of Justinian the Great (r. 527–565).

Although not the best collection of mosaics in Turkey (the Antioch collection is staggering, and many new ones were discovered recently at Zeugma), nor in the first-tier of Sultanahment attractions, visitors can't help but be enchanted by the various scenes, in vivid color.

The best collection of images online is available at my own image gallery. If you have taken pictures in the museum, I'd love to put them online. Comments, link suggestions and so forth are very much appreciated. My email is [email protected].


Tim Spalding

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