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About this site

Welcome to Justinian, Theodora and Procopius, a web directory about 6th-century Byzantium and its greatest historian.

This site was created in tandem with an online text of Procopius' Secret History, which permits user-submitted commentary.

What's here?

This site contains some 150 links organized and described. For instance, on the left you have sections on Procopius, on the empress Theodora and a short list of Late Antique and Byzantine links. More focused topics are dealt with in the Articles and in the Special Topics section, which covers topics such as Justinian's general Belisarius, his Legal Reforms and the Racing Factions.

Don't throw out your library card.

Don't be misled; on this as on all topics except itself, the internet is a dangerous and selective source. Source criticism isn't just for breakfast anymore. Does that page on Justinian agree with Procopius that Justinian was literally a devil? Are the footnotes all to 100-year old desktop encyclopedias? Inquiring minds want to know.

I can be reached at [email protected]. Submissions, comments and corrections are welcome. I won't, however, do your homework, so stop asking.


Tim Spalding
Cambridge, MA (USA)


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