Seahorse and Sea Dragon Central; edited by Tim Spalding

Welcome to Seahorse and Sea Dragon Central, a guide and web directory to these extraordinary animals. On this site you will find over 200 links to facts, articles, pictures, fact sheets, stuffed animals, even poems and songs about seahorses and sea dragons. I've also created thumbnail galleries of the best seahorse and sea dragon pictures.

What information is on this site?

Seahorse Info delivers the major fact sites, encyclopedia entries, aquarium fact sheets and other species information.

Seahorse Topics contains information on Classification, Seahorse conservation, Anatomy, and Reproduction.

Seahorse Species contains species factsheets on more than 30 species, such as the newly discovered H. denise and H. colemani, and dwarf seahorses.

Kids (K-6) contains facts, fun and children's books.

Photographs, Drawings and Videos presents moving and still seahorse images, with textual descriptions.

Seahorse Thumbnail Gallery contains more than 35 of the best images on the web, reduced to thumbnails. Click on a thumbnail to jump to the website that hosts the image at full size. The images was not made "automatically," they were picked because they're good.

Weedy and Leafy Sea Dragons presents sea dragon facts, information on conservation and other topics, and 22 seadragon thumbnail images.

Sea Dragon Images and Thumbnail Gallery presents over 20 seadragon images reduced to thumbnails, and other links to seadragon images.

Home Aquaria and Seahorse Care covers sites that sell seahorses and the difficult practice of keeping seahorses alive and healthy.

Merchandise holds jewelry, t-shirts, and assorted tchotchkes.

Inspired by Seahorses and Sea Dragons holds odd bits of cultural froth—poems, songs, stories, cartoons, and thumbnails of public art.

Miscellaneous has the rest! Looking for seahorse tattoos? I found 'em all, and made thumbnails of them.

And finally Top 5% is my selection of the best 5% of sites about seahorses and sea dragons.

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